Stream Elements Overlays Lagging while Streaming


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Hi! I've attached a log file from my stream tonight where I encountered lag several times with my stream elements overlays, but nothing else. I'm not sure why it happens but it's only with stream elements and does not affect the game, camera, or any other browser sources such as triggerfyre/mix it up bot. Would the log be able to highlight what the problem is? I am playing RDR2 and have a Ryzen 9 3900x and a 3070. I do notice I have some dropped frames due to lag here and there (GPU based) but it's less than 70 for both out of over a million frames so I'm not sure why I see so much lag with stream elements nearly the entire stream.

Also, I sometimes occasionally get audio glitches when switching between scenes despite having crossfade on -- is that something that the log can also reveal a cause for?

Thank you! :)


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You should contact streamelement support. It's up to them to identify lag issues on it's product.