instant replay

  1. Kwozy

    OBS Lua OBSPlay (Nvidia ShadowPlay Alternative) 1.0.1

    This is for the people who love the way ShadowPlay automatically sorts you clips, but don't like the limited audio tracks. This script will sorts your clips based on the current scene name(If Enabled), and because its OBS you can have as many audio tracks as you want. Just set the Base Save Path...
  2. Rexxed

    Ability to change replay buffer output path based on the name of a program or game?

    Hey all, I've been using OBS for a while now, and I've saved up a few hundred GB's of replays on my HDD. Issue is, I have to sort them manually which is a huge pain in the butt considering applications like ShadowPlay do it automatically for you. I was wondering if there was any way of doing...
  3. M

    Sources activate simultaneously

    Hi. I'm trying to implement a browser source to instant replay kills, my desire here is to make a media source activate whenever the browser source activates with the instant replay. I don't know if this is even possible, but I'm being hopeful :D I hope someone can help me.
  4. F

    OBS Instant Replay + Intelligent standby list cleaner

    Good afternoon, please tell me if Instant Replay will work correctly with Intelligent standby list cleaner (ISLC) v1.0.2.2? Both "programs" use RAM. If I understand everything correctly, ISLC does not touch the memory that is used by any program, but only cleans the Windows cache...
  5. W

    New to OBS looking for some help in resolving render lag/skipping frames

    Thanks for taking a minute to look at my post. I recently moved to OBS from Radeon Adrenalin and i cant stress how much better it is. However for the last week i've been getting a problem that's new. I'll get some stuttering in clips. Here's an example of one i took yesterday...
  6. T

    Question / Help Help with Random frame Displaying before Instant Replay

    I record American football games with OBS Studio and often use instant replay studio show the previous play at 50% speed. I use Exeldro's plug-in (here: ) To save the replay buffer I hit the hotkey CTRL-SHIFT-S then I replay it with...
  7. Tomaae

    OBS Lua Picture-in-Picture Instant Replay v1.1

    OBS Instant Replay is a script for Open Broadcaster Software which allows you to display Instant Replay as customizable Picture-in-Picture. Optionally, you can let viewers trigger instant replay using a chat command (Script for Streamlabs Chatbot included). Installation and configuration...
  8. I3ordo

    Question / Help VLC video source does not refresh contents (this is about improving the Instant Replay function)

    Hello, Currently, if you decide to use the "instant replay" you have to sacrifice the "recording" feature as you have to remove the "recording date" suffix off the file name to have "fixed file name" for the "replay scene" to play. One solution i figured was instead of using a hardcoded...