frame skip

  1. Z

    Question / Help Weird frame drop and skipping

    I know this may be asked a trillion times, i did my share of going through the checklist to see if its my internet/hardware/server issue but i wasn't able to find anything wrong. My issue is, out of no where im dropping frames and i can see the bitrate fluctuate from 6000 kbps to 7050 to 1000...
  2. FightinCowboy

    Question / Help Random Frame Inserts into Recordings?

    Hey folks, Not sure what's causing this but I've been seeing frames from a video clip into the footage randomly while recording. It's been very inconsistent and I haven't been able to determine an exact cause. Has anyone encountered a similar issue to this and if so, what was your solution...
  3. phantomalpha

    Question / Help frame drops

    when I'm recording cs or any other games obs is fine framewise but when I'm recording rainbow six it turns into an animation stop motion the CPU does not reach the peek and if it did I did the same with GPU and the same thing happened (both of them didn't reach peek) and I have a decent setup...
  4. G

    Question / Help Skipping Frames help!!!

    Hello everyone, I am new to OBS and streaming to swtich. I just recently built my pc and so for it has been handeling everything I throw at it well. I just completed my first stream and everything had seemed fine but when I took a look at my playback video on Twitch, I noticed it was skipping...
  5. A

    Question / Help OBS Studio Skipping Frames EVEN When NOT Recording OR Streaming

    Hello. So my OBS studio has recently started skipping frames even when it is not recording OR live. For example, when I am sat looking at it either displaying my webcam of me, or playing back a local video file from the PC it will just skip a frame every minute or 2. It will skip a frame either...
  6. D


    I have tried everything and I WANT to use OBS, it has much more features than nvidia shadowplay but I can´t get it to work,NOT EVEN with this low af settings please HELPP I dont believe it´s a PC problem: • GPU: GeForce GTX 970 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz • memory: 32 GB...