fps bug

  1. J

    Frame Rate goes out of Sync

    Game runs 100% perfectly smooth but recording/ stream stutters the framerate of the game goes out of sync with obs, this happends quite randomly and periodically, and length of that period is non consistent and so are intervals between it. The game can be running completely fine for long period...
  2. N

    Valorant fps drop when i have streamlab obs open. even more fps drop when i record with it

    I usually get around 220 - 240 fps when i play valorant but when i have valorant open my fps dropped to 60-90 and when i record with it i only get around 60 fps im using 2 monitors, both of them are 240hz my spec is rtx 3060 i7 10th gen 16gb ram i tried using display capture and game capture...
  3. LeMuffinGamer

    I need major help ASAP.

    I have had a huge problem recently, I used to be able to stream OR record Fortnite, league of legends and other games on 120+ Fps with no problem for 2 YEARS! but recently I haven't been able to. whenever i try to stream or record those games i get 30-50FPS and my entire stream gets very laggy...
  4. carlosferrari

    OBS bug with OSX and Apple hardware h264.

    Hi. There is a bug I'v reported on this thread https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/issues/2760#issuecomment-653662038 about wrong FPS being recorded when using Apple Hardware h264. It seems that there is no activity on this issue and I need to start recording on 24fps for my online...