1. G

    New Update Ruined OBS - GPU + GPU Encoder Overloaded.

    InB4 everyone says YoU'rE dOiNg SoMeThInG wRonG gO lOoK aT thE EnCodEr OvErLoaD PInNeD PoST I did already. I went through everything the post said to do AND fixed all critical issues the analyzer said to fix via the logs. and InB4 someone says "check your hardware" my computer falls in the...
  2. I

    Drag to select

    like Winspector Spy uses>>> just drag probe-scope to window to record
  3. S

    Identifying which scene is shown in PREVIEW and which is PROGRAM

    It would be very useful to know what scene is shown in the PREVIEW and PROGRAM windows. In Studio Mode (at least) I'd like to: Use the scene name as part of the panel titles PROGRAM (scene name) and PREVIEW (scene name), and Put red and green boxes around the scene names in the scene list...
  4. F

    Webcam Mic has high frequency sounds

    I have finally got my Elgato HD60 hooked up to my laptop and everything is running fine. Frames are good, game audio and quality is good, but my webcam I have hooked up unfortunately is also my only mic I have. I’ve been messing around with Expander/NoiseGate filter in OBS to get rid of my...
  5. J

    Recording feedback, in full-screen mode when R is pressed

    Hello, I will use OBS-studio to record videos always in full-screen by pressing R (record) and S (stop). However, I do not get any feedback from the program, and I do not have a confirmation whether I am recording or not. Do you know how could I solve this issue? Thanks in advance.
  6. webhostpro

    Can we get a place on this forum to post samples of our work for feedback?

    Hi, I made my first video today and would like to get some feedback from people that use the same system. Any chance we can get a new section to post work and get feedback?
  7. T

    Question / Help White Noise Over Stream When Using BlackMagic Web Presenter

    I am attempting to set up a livestream using a BlackMagic Web Presenter. On the BMD display panel, there is no abnormal audio spike. In OBS however there is constant white noise on my output and the audio meter is completely red. I have attempted to install a microphone plugin as mentioned...
  8. C

    Question / Help OBS + Webcam Input Issues.

    I recently got a new GPU. So I upgraded. The card is BETTER than the last one. I think this has something to do with my issue because my set up use to work with no problems. I use Webcams for my main source and now when I load up OBS the Webcams feeds are glitchy/tearing/freezing. They are...