Question / Help White Noise Over Stream When Using BlackMagic Web Presenter


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I am attempting to set up a livestream using a BlackMagic Web Presenter. On the BMD display panel, there is no abnormal audio spike. In OBS however there is constant white noise on my output and the audio meter is completely red. I have attempted to install a microphone plugin as mentioned elsewhere on this forum, to no avail. Turning down the audio input does not help as there is still white noise (just quieter) covering my now-quieter stream audio.

I am very new to livestreaming and am not sure what else to try; I have attempted most troubleshooting tips in other threads about white noise/feedback. I am happy to provide any other information that might be helpful. Sadly I just don't know what information would be necessary.

My camera is connected to the BMD Presenter via SDI cable, and the device is connected to my computer as a USB webcam.