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  1. D

    OBS Browser Source(bad quality)

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have been streaming my PS4 to my Facebook. I have done this by streaming to Twitch and then using the "Browser Source" feature on OBS. The stream is nice and smooth with good quality when viewing direct on twitch. When viewing through the OBS programme and...
  2. A

    Bug Report Facebook asks to reload/log in while livestreaming from OBS

    Hi there! I'm livestreaming from (last version of) OBS (Mac OS) to my personal profile on Facebook. While reviewing the live video on facebook/live/create the Facebook keeps asking me to reload the page and log in to the site. Any suggestions why and what might be the reason? Thanks a loit!
  3. D

    Question / Help Need help with Facebook live streaming !!!

    I’ve been searching for hours on how to fix this can somebody help? I’m on my laptop with windows 10 trying to stream my Xbox app to Facebook live but every time I try it says video signal lost or if I start it , for other people it says broadcast interrupted I’m guessing it’s because of some...
  4. A

    Question / Help Failed to connect to server while on wifi

    I've been having difficulty connecting to Facebook's livestream server using wifi, however when I use the ethernet connection, I have no issue. My colleague who is using the same connection is not having difficulty connecting to the server with both ethernet and with wifi. I've attached both...
  5. N

    Question / Help FB Live - How to Fix Audio/Visual Lag for Windows Capture

    I'm FB live streaming a live stream from different city's websites. I have an audio/visual lag but the lag time differs for each city. Is there a way to automate the settings to fix the lag issue?
  6. M

    Question / Help Streaming facebook in 1080p

    Hi there, I saw some pages can stream in 1080p in facebook. When I stream in 1080P facebook not allows fullhd, and stream in 720p. So they may be stream with another software in 1080p? Anyway to stream in 1080p and with OBS? Thanks.
  7. StephM

    Question / Help What to troubleshoot for choppy movement?

    Hi. I do a facebook live show (talk show/interview format) What are the best things to troubleshoot for choppy movement? It is most noticeable when someone talks with their hands a lot.
  8. U

    Question / Help Help with video teleconference during Facebook Live Stream

    Hi all, Our CEO does regular Livestreams to Workplace by Facebook (Facebook for Businesses) and he would like to chat with someone on webcam during his live stream. I'm familiar with how to set up the livestream through OBS and my Magewell USB capture dongle. I also have a number of programs...
  9. T

    Bug Report Media Source Problem

    I have been recently trying to do a live stream show to Facebook using OBS. I have my credits video that I want to play using the media source output and their is something terribly wrong with that feature. It’ll allow me to locate and utilize my videos that I want to play, however the speed of...
  10. B

    Question / Help OBS source help one monitor/source flow

    Im using obs 21.1.2. i have music, a countdown timer, a going live screen, overlay and a windows capture. How do i get them all to flow together? My music plays. when the timer ends i want to go live with my overlay and game in the background. Instead the music still plays and my going live...
  11. M

    Question / Help OBS Live Streaming to Facebook Live: video recorded for later viewing has audio off-sync

    I'm using OBS Studio 21.1.1 from a MacBook Pro 15 2016. I'm streaming different cameras to Facebook Live. I'm correcting the off-set of audio/video sync via OBS. While streaming live, the audio is correct, and the users from their phone can view and listen audi/video in sync. As I stop the...