1. MackOcktor

    Bitrate not stable at start of the stream

    Hey dear OBS community, I have an issue with my OBS bitrate right on the start of the stream. Almost each time I start my stream my bitrate goes in to the red zone and is unstable, I have to restart several times my stream in order to get a stable bitrate. Once I start and bitrate shows stable...
  2. U

    No framedrops but the stream isn't smooth

    Hello everyone. I'm sorry if this issue was already solved here, I tried my best but didn't find a solution, so I decided to ask for help myself. I'm streaming games on twitch and often the stream looks a bit laggy/choppy as if the framerate drops, but the OBS shows zero dropped frames and the...
  3. thellamapool

    Massive Network frame drops! HELP! <3

    So 2 nights ago all the sudden I started getting crazy high network drops. I stream off a new Windows laptop, hardwired, 500 up 20 down. Midstream I all the sudden started getting about 2% loss, annoying but manageable, this grew to 10-15%, the following day it was just as bad, before...
  4. V

    Bitrate drops to 0 kb/s or close to this amount

    Hello. I have such a problem that when starting a stream, the bitrate immediately or after a few seconds drops to zero. Then he tries to go up to 200, 300 kb/s, but still keeps at zero. It started a couple of days ago when I bought a new pc. Previously, everything worked perfectly, streams went...
  5. D

    60fps stream drops to 30fps at random times

    Hello, I was streaming a game of Apex yesterday when my stream started to look like it was lagging without dropping frames on my PC or on the network, CPU usage sat around 2-3% and I can't find anything myself, but I have the included log file here. Thank you for reading!
  6. T

    Dell Inspiron 15 5567 OBS Settings

    Hi Guys, These are my current specs: CPU - Intel i5-7200U @ 2,5Ghz GPU - AMD RADEON R7 M440 4GB - Dedicated GPU - Intel HD Graphics 620 - Integrated RAM - 16 GB @ 2400Mhz - Used to have only 8gb but I added another 8gb I use OBS to record reaction videos on my YouTube...
  7. E

    Question / Help Losing FPS during a transition

    I don't know if it's a configuration problem, of my PC, or of OBS, but every time I make a scene transition, the streaming FPS goes down to 20 or 30fps. (Not always, but after having showed some videos). The transition I'm currently using is in .webm format, weighs about 8MB. CFG: - Intel i7...
  8. LagComingThrough

    Question / Help Stream drops out every 2hrs and 4mins

    Hey guys, I would like to know if anyone has had this issue and has resolved it, the issue is where the live stream drops out every 2hrs and 4mins, I have done everything from formatting my PC to resetting my Network Devices, I have also streamed at lower settings but that did not help.