destiny 2

  1. K

    Making game fullscreen Makes the game dimmer in obs

    Whenever i try to launch Destiny 2 while not tabbed into the game and just being displayed without tabbing in, it is at normal brightness levels on obs. But when i tab in it seems to visibly go about 30% darker/dimmer. This issue only began when i installed the new 28.01 update. I highly...
  2. P

    Streaming Destint 2?

    hey all, First post here. Just wanted to know if streaming destiny 2 has always been an issue with OBS? Without having OBS open I can run the game with no issues or drops no matter how intense it is but the moment I open up OBS and start streaming I get in game drops down to 20-30s even when...
  3. L

    dwm.exe 80-90% gpu usage causing choppy recordings

    I'm trying to record Destiny 2 which only allows you to use Display Capture, I've never had any issues in the past but now my recordings are poor and skip frames. I've tried a lot of things and nothing seems to help, most threads point towards NVIDIA Control Panel and setting programs to max...
  4. D

    Destiny 2 recording glitch

    When I record destiny 2, I use a screen capture and Fullscreen. The game is not recorded correctly, the picture being zoomed into the top left corner of the game even though it otherwise records normally. OBS is also put into weird proportions when I tab out of destiny specifically. Anyone know...
  5. Jshmittyz

    A Breakpoint has been Reached?

    I Have been getting some really weird crashes in OBS/ Destiny 2 starting today I have my dump logs, and crash reports attached I can not find the issue if someone can help me that would be great. I also have the DMP dumps for obs but it is too big to post. It started today with discord crashing...
  6. BunnyG3z_

    Game capture *BLACK SCREEN* [Destiny 2]2021-02-09

    for some reason I'm getting a black screen while trying the game capture Destiny 2 this just recently started two days ago for me I never had this issue before it just started to happening to me recently does anyone knows how to fix this I know I can just use screen capture but I have too much...
  7. KidTutu

    Question / Help Destiny 2 and OBS keep crashing my entire PC. Help please

    I'm not entirely sure what this exact issue is but I know that it's a combination of both OBS and Destiny 2 because I can play Destiny 2 fine without live-streaming it but when I have as of late since the Shadowkeep update, one-by-one different apps will begin to freeze to the point I can't...
  8. D

    Question / Help OBS Studio keeps crashing

    Hey guys, The past two streams I've been having an issue where obs studio keeps crashing. I've been playing Destiny 2 since the Shadowkeep update just came out, and 3/4 of the times that Destiny crashes, OBS crashes. I've also had a hit with performance as I cannot have consistent frames either...
  9. Fendaxis

    Question / Help Choppy Videos/Scenes While Ingame

    Hi, I am trying to record Destiny 2 Gameplay w/ facecam at 60 fps, and while I have no issues with playing the game itself the same cannot be said about the recordings in OBS. Looking at the scene preview, frames will drop once I break out of the pause menu, and even then, there is a noticeable...
  10. J

    Question / Help Destiny 2 lagging while streaming

    Right as i turn on destiny 2 and obs, all hell break loose for it, i lag most of the time, i cant stream it. I can stream every other game fine. Now when i close OBS it goes back to normal, no lag what so ever. GPU- Geforce GTX 1070 CPU- i7 6700 2.4