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Hi, I am trying to record Destiny 2 Gameplay w/ facecam at 60 fps, and while I have no issues with playing the game itself the same cannot be said about the recordings in OBS. Looking at the scene preview, frames will drop once I break out of the pause menu, and even then, there is a noticeable slowness while I'm scrolling around said pause menu. I've tried changing things around in the output settings (resolution, bitrate, CPU usage, etc), nothing. I mentioned Destiny because I've read it uses a different source than other games, maybe that doesn't even matter (I'm really quite new with all of the pc stuff, I apologize). Regardless, here are my specs so you can see what I'm running:

Intel i7-7700k CPU (4.20 GHz)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
2 ASUS 144hz monitors (if that matters)

And the link to my log file:

Like I said I don't know much about computers from a technical standpoint, so I'm not sure if its a hardware issue or what. But please let me know if I left something out. Thanks in advance.


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There is no streaming/recording attempt in that log.
From my own experience with Destiny 2 streaming: Windows_Capture is often stuttering, because it's not as good performing as game_capture, but with Destiny 2 and its restrictions for capturing, we can only use windows_capture here.
Also make sure, that your GPU load stays well below 95%, so that OBS has a chance to render the scene fast enough to reach your desired 60fps.
Limiting ingame fps and reducing ingame details will allow you to prevent the GPU bottleneck. To check, if you run into a GPU bottleneck, simply monitor/log your GPU load, while gaming + streaming. If it is reaching up to 99% very often, there is a GPU bottleneck.


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Okay, limiting fps to 72 made a huge difference (GPU stays below 70% for the most part, preview is smoother) but there is still noticeable stuttering, very slight though. Frames will go in the high 50s in OBS (but not while recording, oddly enough). Even when capping the game at an exact 60 fps, the quality from the obs source (also 60) seems lower/rougher. Should it be like this? Also, I've just noticed that I have the game under Display_Capture instead of Windows_Capture, would that make a difference? (I'll actually check after I send this)

I've posted both the current and the last logfile this time just in case. I believe the current has a recorded session:

Do people really need to lower fps and/or quality to record this game or is it my specs? I would like to retain 144 fps while i play if possible. Thanks again for the help.
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