dwm.exe 80-90% gpu usage causing choppy recordings


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I'm trying to record Destiny 2 which only allows you to use Display Capture, I've never had any issues in the past but now my recordings are poor and skip frames.
I've tried a lot of things and nothing seems to help, most threads point towards NVIDIA Control Panel and setting programs to max performance but that hasn't helped.
Neither has lowering dwm.exe's priority in Task Manager.
Capping my fps to around 90 or lower works as a sort of band-aid fix but even on 90 I get bad recordings, just slightly better than uncapped. Not sure what to do or what caused it to start happening.

Setting OBS to run in compatability mode for Windows 8 (which is how I previously ran OBS until recently when it started causing issues) also causes a plethora of issues, mainly displaying black screens when trying to capture a game or my monitor, not sure if that's relevant information or not.


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