Question / Help Destiny 2 and OBS keep crashing my entire PC. Help please


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I'm not entirely sure what this exact issue is but I know that it's a combination of both OBS and Destiny 2 because I can play Destiny 2 fine without live-streaming it but when I have as of late since the Shadowkeep update, one-by-one different apps will begin to freeze to the point I can't click, type, or hover my mouse over anything, then Destiny 2 freezes and OBS is the only program that's still actually running but I can't do anything on it which forces me to have to manually shut off my PC. You can imagine how frustrating this is and it has been ongoing for the past few days I have been streaming.

Attached is my log file for today's incident. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Log file:


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I have the same problem. But my system is much weaker than yours:
I stream through the video card. The problem was at 30, 48 and 60 fps. Always.
I decided to switch to Streamlabs. No problems on the settings above. Absolutely. Good luck!