desktop audio problem

  1. D

    Bad sound while recording display capture, nothing at all helps!

    Hi, It would really mean a lot if someone could help me figure this out... I'm having sound problems while recording display capture. In this case, it's videos from a streaming website. Everything is fine with the video, but the sound is completely changed and sounds nothing at all like the...
  2. saito

    obs has no audio

    Hi My obs is compiled on Gentoo Linux and performs well before. When I were trying to use it to record some audio of some streaming, I found that All Global Audio devices Disabled with no any other option available. Please tell me the possible reason. Thanks
  3. J

    Desktop Audio Not Working Anymore

    I've been using the latest version of OBS which is obs-studio-29.1.3-macos-arm64 for my MBP M1 unit for quite some time already and everything was working fine. I think it was yesterday when I updated my MBP to Mac OS Ventura Version 13.5 (22G74) that my Desktop Audio source isn't working...
  4. T

    Game Audio And Desktop Audio

    My game audio is playing through both tracks and is making my sound doubled on stream. When i tried to do my own research, people would say to have "desktop audio" and "desktop audio 2" disabled but still nothing works. If i disable my "desktop audio, i cant hear my alerts. How would i stop my...
  5. T

    still need help with audio

    I don't know which things to change? I want to have audio on my desktop audio and my mic audio? I don't have speakers built in so i have usb speakers and a usb mic, what do i change so that obs picks up both and doesnt erase one over the other?
  6. X

    My desktop audio sounds echo-y, even tho neither my room nor my microphone doesn't produce echo

    So basically my sounds sound a bit weird, like someone is using a snare drum when it is being recorded. I have no idea why is this happening, it started around 3-4 months ago and it is still happening when I try to record. Here's my log if you're interested 15:22:45.647: CoInitializeEx...
  7. K

    No desktop sound detected

    Hi, thanks for reading My problem is that the Desktop Audio device doesn't detect anything, I tried changing it but nothing changes. The only sound detected is coming from my mic. It worked fine not long ago, so I don't know why it won't work anymore.
  8. I

    Desktop audio really quiet despite having the gain filter and volume up

    Hey guys, so I've been having this problem where when I record a video the microphone and videos fine, but the desktop audio is really quiet. I have the gain filter and volume up and it does nothing, I tried other solutions that i've searched up and found on here and Reddit and none of them...