dark theme

  1. Dezintuit

    Darkle 0.1.0

    A darker and slightly purple fork of the main Dark theme, which I chose as the base because of the smaller fonts, allowing for more content to be displayed at once. Disclaimer: I made this mostly for myself, in a single afternoon. I don't know much QSS, I just did search and replace and used...
  2. Tpal

    simplyGray | Dark theme with customizable highlight color 1.3.4

    simplyGray key points: space efficiency customizability Make it yours! just set your preferred color. Examples: SimplyGray 1.3.2 for OBS 30+ Variables: highlight | background color active on: statechange -> like start streaming highlightedText | text color: active -> if highlight is...
  3. MisutaaAsriel

    mintChip for OBS 1.0.3

    An Streamlabs inspired OBS theme, with spacious views and minty fresh exterior! Spacious widgets, for ease of use and visibility Large controls for easy interaction Target Audio Colorscheme— Volume Mixer uses colors which more accurately represent the desired audio range in streaming...
  4. Reaby

    Night Theme 1.0

    Combining best parts of all three OBS Default themes with a small tweaks here and there. Install at Obs main folder/Themes next to the default ones, this re-uses some graphical assets from the default dark theme, so it needs to be next to the default themes. 1. Unzip at default theme folder...
  5. D

    Idea for a new theme

    Hi! i have no idea how to code, and im also not sure if this is the right place to post this :p So i recently downloaded the "Material Dark" theme plugin, and i like the color scheme, but it changes the text and the layout of everything slightly. anyone willing to make a theme that is about as...
  6. D

    Question / Help Ask For The Return Of Defalt Theme

    Today, I updated OBS Studio. (17/06/2019), and got a bad change to me. I'm vissually impaired, low vision, that uses Widows with high contrast theme, black background, white leters. The defalt theme of OBS used to use Windows theme colors. This new dar theme on OBS, is not tog god, because de...
  7. cederick

    Twitch Theme V2

    This skin was made for the new service integration version of OBS but should work fine with others as well. Please leave a rating if you enjoy the Theme so I have some feedback! Screenshot: Installation: Just drag and drop the files from the .7z file into your Themes folder. You will need...
  8. luckydye

    Flat Dark Theme (outdated) 1.6.3

    A Flat Dark Theme for OBS Studio. How to install 1. Drag the zip file into your OBS Studio Theme Folder (...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes). 2. Unpack files into the Themes folder. For latest changes download from Github