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    Cs go not working in obs

    Hello, I have a problem with cs:go because I can't use game capture to stream this game, the allow_third_party_software command doesn't work. I can only stream by screen capture which I don't want, all other games work. I have a black screen in obs. Help me please
  2. B

    NVIDIA filters in OBS

    Good morning, I come asking if anyone knows how to make NVIDIA CS:GO filters visible in OBS? I searched the internet for how to do it, but I couldn't find the answer ;v also I can not attach files there (there=obs forum) cuz' they are to big ;/
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    Fps not rendering in cs:go while streaming and using obs studio !!

    specs: i7 9th gen rtx 2080 16gb ram ddr4 144hz and 60hz monitor \\\\ so second i start streaming fps stops rendering in-game in csgo! i tired switching to streamlabs obs but facing same issue. i get 300+ fps and it feels like i am playing in less than 60 fps! \\\\ i am facing one more issue...
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    Question / Help CSGO Problem

    Sorry for my English I want to capture the CSGO screen, But it doesn't work. Only show a black screen (in Gam capture mode) pleas help me.
  5. Moth

    Question / Help Trying to stream CS:GO

    PC Specs: Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor Graphics: GeForce GTX 970(2,but I'm only using 1 so I can do borderless windowed gaming) Ram: 16GB - G.Skill DDR4 Trident Z Royal Silver 3200Mhz Motherboard: ASUS Prime X470-Pro Download: 66 Mbps Upload: 10 Mbps I use Streamlabs OBS and I can't...
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    Question / Help Streaming problems with obs

    Hello, everyone! I have problem. I want to stream with obs, but I'm getting low fps in game (CS:GO). No matter what I tried. I have tried to use the nvenc encoder, downscale it to 720p, turn off 2 pass encoding. But nothing seems to help. I'm wondering if I even can stream on my pc. Isn't my CPU...
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    Question / Help Streaming Settings I5-6500 GeForce GTX1050TI

    Hey guys, I need help to get my stream setup. I got a ASUS rog GeForce GTX1050TI OC, a Intel Core i5-6500, 8GB DDR4. I will mainly stream CSGO so it would be nice if someone could help me out!
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    Question / Help When streaming csgo my loss and var is going crazy

    Hello users. i have over a cupple of weeks been trying to get my stream up and running. but i have fallen in to some issues. When i have startet my stream, my game just starts lagging. fps dropping and the loss and var going through the roof. i have cliped a 30s vid where it can be seen. i...
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    Question / Help Game fps shows 300+ yet it feels >60

    So I recently got a new computer. GTX 1070 ti 8Gb, 16GB ram, i7 8086k and when I try to stream cs it feels like its less than 60fps, yet my in-game fps counter shows 300+. Is there any chance that obs might be affecting my refreshrate (I have a 144hz monitor)? It's really frustrating and I can't...
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    Question / Help Dropped/ hitching frames while running obs, gtx1080 6700k

    My specs are: cpu: i7 6700k gpu: asus strix 8GB gtx 1080 ram: 16GB corsair vengeance boot device/ file location of obs and csgo: Samsung 750 evo My output setting are as follows: Encoder: H.264 Enforce streaming services encoder setting (enabled) rate control: CBR Bitrate: 500-2500 ( I have...
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    Question / Help Weird lags when streaming CSGO with OBS!

    Hello guys, I started streaming just a while ago and I am experiencing weird laggs while streaming csgo! I am streaming via NVENC to maintaing high fps in csgo while streaming and I cant see ping spikes or fps drops even do i can see the lag! I usually stream with 30 sec delay! PC: i7700k @...
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    Question / Help Little spikes on stream on YouTube

    Hello there! I started a few days ago to stream CS:GO on my YouTube channel using OBS Studio, but I'm really frustrated because when I try to stream in 1080p60 FPS, the game is ok but on stream, a friend told me that there are little lag spikes, I really don't know why, I have an OK PC and this...