1. lorentedford

    Bug Report OBS Alerted that it had Crashed but was still streaming to Twitch until i copied report.

    I was streaming this morning with OBS and for some reason OBS crashed while in the middle of the stream.. This setup is a two pc setup using a 4k pcie capture card. Here is the information as i have it. Crash Report: Last Log file...
  2. D

    Question / Help OBS Crashing Once Opened

    OBS has just randomly been crashing a few seconds after being opened. Here's the log: Thank you
  3. A

    Question / Help Crashing When using H264/AVC (AMD Advanced Media Framework) Encoder

    hi there.. I am having a problem when using this codec or encoder...I don't want to use x264 since it makes the video choppy... So everytime i use this encoder and I press record it says the "woops, obs crashed" error and just crashes... is there any fix? Crash log: 15:30:07.213: CPU Name: AMD...
  4. E

    Question / Help OBS crashes with new PC Build

    I've been dealing with OBS crashing in the middle of streaming. At first I would get the BSOD with the "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - Wdf01000.sys failed", but after some basic troubleshooting found on Youtube (Windows Memory Diagnostic and Disabling Write Caching on my Disk Drives via Device...
  5. G

    Question / Help OBS keeps crashing whenever I hit 'start streaming'

    Every time I hit start streaming, OBS crashes. The preview and everything is set up and works, but it just keeps saying "woops!" and crashes. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this? I have an AMD RX 580 graphics card and a Intel 15-7500. Crash file...
  6. P

    Question / Help my OBS crashes whenever I exit the software

    my OBS crashes whenever I exit the software. In appdata I dont see any crashreports
  7. D

    Question / Help OBS consistent crashing during streaming

    Hi guys, I stream almost daily on twitch and today without knowingly changing anything(hardware or software) I ran into problems where OBS crashed 3 times over the course of my ~4 hour stream. Other than the crashing I didn't notice anything different, I just had to restart OBS to restart the...
  8. N

    Question / Help OBS Crashes Immediately Upon Attempting to Stream

    I'm running version 22.0.3 of OBS on my Huawei Matebook X Pro laptop, and my operating system is Fedora 29. Whenever I attempt to stream with the use of OBS, the program immedietly crashes upon me clicking the "Start Streaming" button. This previously had not happened on this device, and the...
  9. U

    Question / Help Crashing on startup every time but only started today?

    I've been using OBS for years and have never really had any problems but when going to record something on my Switch, OBS has started crashing every time I start it. I'm using an Elgato HD60 S: GPU driver is up to date OBS is up to date Game capture software is up to date When using the game...
  10. I


    Cant open OBS it keeps crashing , any help?
  11. G

    Bug Report Third Party VST's crash OBS on Mac

    Hey guys, OBS crashes when I'm using 3rd party vst plugins. It mainly when I exit out of the 3rd part vst window. It happens with a variety of plugin brands. I'm not to familiar with the log process so I have incised to log links Here is the log with OBS crashed...
  12. I

    Question / Help OBS crashing upon streaming/recording

    Hey, I've been having an issue for the past few weeks where my OBS is crashing whenever I start streaming or recording. Any help would be appreciated. I attached the crash log.
  13. H


    So, one day when I opened my OBS it just crashed so it was weird so I uninstalled it and reinstalled but it still kept crashing. I kept on uninstalling it and re-doing what I did it kept on crashing. - CRASH REPORT ATTACHED -
  14. B

    Question / Help OBS "Crashes" shortly after launching application

    Was wondering if anyone here could help me trouble shoot this issue that I am currently having. When launching OBS, if i wait around roughly a minute, I will get the "whoops! OBS has crashed" message, but the application doesn't actually crash and still seems to work just fine, but if i...
  15. V

    Question / Help OBS crash with WOT

    Hi there I am very new to streaming and having a hard time trying to get this up and running. I have read many forums and post and watched youtube done the startup guides etc etc etc and still no luck then I have found a post about reading the logs and well I cant make heads or tails of what is...
  16. SkyDemonAirPirates

    Question / Help OBS crashes the second I open it

    Hello. So I have been having this issue the last few days. I uninstalled, cleaed all settings, and reinstalled it back at least 5 times. I even went back a version to see if it was the current version of OBS that was released, and sadly the error was still the same,and crashed before it head...
  17. T

    Question / Help Thread Crashing Help

    Each time I would try to stream or record I'd get an error similar to this one below, my pc used to be able to stream and record before I haven't overclocked or changed any of my specs, asking for help because I can't find any way to fix it.