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Hello all, since updating to v24 of OBS I've been experiencing crashing on exit.

This will cause my custom views not to be saved.

I had a look through the log to see if I could spot the culprit, but I didn't see anything too obvious.

I've searched around the forum, and found this post where the user has the same problem. It's apparently known, and has been fixed, but I'm still experiencing this issue, even after updating OBS to v24.0.3.

My scene and sources are pretty simple, and are as follows:

[My scene name]
- x6 Streamlabs browser sources
- Browser source [for game progress]
- Browser source [for social media info]
- Stream overlay
- Game capture
- Webcam capture
- Spotify audio input
- Main mic input [Has compression vst, limiter vst, noisegate vst]
- Headset mic input
- Voice chat (from discord, etc)
- Desktop audio

None of my scenes/sources are affected by the crash, but it gives you an idea of what I'm using. I have plugins installed like the NDI plugin, Stream Effects plugin & web socket plugin, but the only one I make use of is the web socket.

As I said, the issue happens on exit of OBS, and will occur even if there's no custom docked view. Wondering what I can do to fix this?

Attached a crash log for review


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The 'dd limiter.dll' plugin is crashing.

Thanks for the reply. It seems like the full suite of VSTs is crashing. I mean these worked flawlessly before the big changes to v24 so there has to be some sort of back-end thing causing it to crash?

Here's another log after removing the limiter vst


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EDIT: Me and the OP have something in common, NDI, I think it does not like the NDI audio sources. I suspect this isn't something OBS can fix, apologies. I will just stick to using Cantabile for vsts.

Having the same issue, latest OBS, if I add VST's they work then start crashing on exit. or if I try for example, deleting them from the source. These used to work fine, something's changed. Would be nice if this could be fixed.
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