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  1. D


    I have started to crash every stream at least once with nothing I do differently... sometimes it is when I close Helldivers 2, sometimes when I click over to look at Discord... everything I know that could affect it has been updated. I have also had it crash once with Nvidia Broadcast but...
  2. I3lacklabel

    Browser sources and alerts ALWAYS CRASHING

    Hey guys, I have officially gave up on trying to find a answer to my problem as it appears i am the only one in the world having these issues... My problem is this... When I am running a live stream and I am tabbed onto my game, when people activate my alerts for bits, follows subs, they do...
  3. M

    My obs crashes when I finish a League of legends Match

    I stream league on my twitch, but lately with atomic heart crashes or when i leave a game freezes the entirelly pc. I need an answer Also crashes the browser sources. and changes the resolution only in my preview
  4. A

    Crashed all time

    Hi, first of all I apologize since I don't know English so I had to use the google translator. I have had errors in the OBS for a couple of days when I play warzone and broadcast to twciht. Se me congela el PC y el obs da un mensaje de error que no sabria decirles cual es, pero tengo los...
  5. D

    OBS Crashes after approximately 40 minutes of recording

    Hi all, so this is a reproducable issue, where I set OBS to audio and video capture on screen 1 of my PC and after about 40 minutes OBS will crash. The crash will likely result in a corrupted recording or no recording at all. Sometimes the crash can be so "bad", that I may need to restart my...
  6. C

    OBS Crash Analyzer not working

    Howdy, My OBS continually crashes and the analyzer will not tell me what is wrong do y'all have any suggestions?
  7. T

    OBS Crashes Discord and Minecraft

    Hi! I have been streaming successfully with OBS and all my programs up the past few days, but today I went to stream and it crashed them. I had the game launched, Discord was launched, and then I clicked OBS, my screen flashed black, spazzed out, and then the game crashed, discord window went...
  8. I

    Crash when closing the window.

    please help! thank you.
  9. J

    Question / Help OBS crashes when I open certain urls on Chrome

    Hi, This is something new and I don't know why it's happening, but when I opened few specific urls (1 was settings page on and the other was submmiting the rss feed to Google podcast) OBS crashed on me and the local file is corrupted so I can't use it. I'm adding the error that was...
  10. Tangential

    Question / Help OBS on Catalina crashing. Related to passwords?

    I have an odd situation. My OBS session is crashing and it seems like its related to passwords being entered in Safari. That doesn't seem right. I'm running OBS and UPDeck on my MacBook Pro. Last week I noticed that if I logged into UPDeck with a password OBS would crash. It took me a while to...
  11. JonesGaming

    Question / Help OBS Suddenly crashing

    Hello, i am using OBS Studio for livestreaming almost every day the past 6 weeks and i never had any problems with it. But today i had 5 crashes during a 10h livestream and i do not know exactly what could cause those problems. Today i changed the encoding setting from "very-fast" to "faster"...
  12. D

    Bug Report OBS crashes every 60 to 70 minutes

    Hey guys, im streaming drums and music on Twitch for some time now. But theres a problem that occurred in the past 2 months. OBS crashes every 60 to 70 minutes by first crashing my Internet browser (atm Opera) and right after that OBS gets smacked. I have no clue what the problem might be...its...
  13. D

    Question / Help Switching Scenes with Elgato Stream Deck Crashes OBS

    Does anyone know why my OBS crashes when I use my Elgato stream deck to switch scenes? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Here are my logs: Apparently it is due to one of my Browser sources but, I swear to god I can't find out what source...
  14. theclumsygeek

    Bug Report OBS 22.0.2 Crash (+ obs-browser-page.exe persisting in the background)

    Attaching log and crash files. After this crash, I reopened OBS and was able to stream fine for the next ~3 hours. Also, even after I closed OBS after my stream, I noticed that obs-browser-page.exe was still running eating up a lot of my CPU: I'm not sure if it remained open during my crash...
  15. M

    Question / Help Crash browsersource

    Hey I have crashes when switching scenes or even when doing nothing with studio mode opened. I have different browser sources for every scene. Win7 64bit