1. C

    OBS crashing on start up

    it crashes 99% of the time, sometimes it starts, if i just keep trying often enough, drivers are checked and updated, same for win i run it on win10 22H2 AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.80 GHz 32,0 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, driver version:
  2. EmmaEsme

    Vertical Resize crashing app on record

    Hi, Everything was going really well and I used the app to record my work inside Illustrator. Then I realised my workspace would be better and require less editing in post if I can record vertically and in mp4 rather than mkv. I manually changed it to 1080x1920 and set it to fragmented mp4. If...
  3. Z

    game crashes when i record on obs

    everytime i play overwatch 2 and im recording on obs at the same time the game (overwatch 2) keeps crashing ive tried multiple times to launch it back up CRASHES HAPPENDS WHEN IM IN GAME NOT IN THE LOBBY/MAIN SCREEN/TITLE https://clipchamp.com/watch/id7g0blYAVB
  4. I

    OBS crashes after adding ram (0x80000003)

    I usually use double-sided RAM (8g, 4g each), but recently added single-sided RAM (both 4g) and installed them in 1,3 / 2,4 sockets, respectively, but after adding RAM, OBS crash occurs. I attach the crash log and RAM specifications and my PC specifications.
  5. runei


    I have NO idea what to do please. I need help. I BEG. OBS opens for a few seconds before crashing. --- I've uninstalled and reinstalled obs from the website download and steam download. I've also tried restarted my laptop. I uninstalled steamFX right before this happed. so far nothing is working.
  6. E

    When I alt+tab from cs:go my obs instantly crashing

    I start streamimg cs:go and when I try to alt+tab its instanly crash. My preview in obs just lag and bitrate get down from 6000 to 0 immediately. PC start laging too, but when i close obs everything is go normal. If i just play and do not use alt+tab stream go normal. Can some one help me...
  7. K

    obs won't open MSVCP140.dll not found

    I've been trying to open obs for days but when I try it says "Code execution cannot continue because MSVCP140.dll was not found. This problem can be solved by reinstalling the program". I reinstalled the program but it keeps crashing. I hope for a solution because I really use obs a lot):
  8. A

    OBS CRASH, help me!

    Hi all, I am having some problems with obs Studio, here is a log, can someone tell me what can be caused by? https://pastebin.com/hjnQ4kX3
  9. P

    Obs startup error

    Hi, my obs crashes when i open it, or when i start streaming..Here is txt file of crash, so if someone could I would be very happy! Thanks in advance.
  10. F

    Startup Crash

    Only starts for long enough to get a glimpse, have tried full uninstall & reinstall but problem remains. I know it's due to a source I created but can't remember exactly what it was, or have OBS long enough for me to troubleshoot it. Log file attached. Any help would be massively appreciated!
  11. O

    Display recording for 3 hours, iMac screen turned purple/crashed

    Hello, Tried to record a longer video of my display, showing my work process in Photoshop that I would later speed up to a timelapse video. About 3 hours in to the recording my iMac screen turned purple and essentially crashed, which made me restart the computer and unfortunately lose my...
  12. agora 928

    Newest OBS always crash when turning on horizontal flip on visual camera

    Hello . Today when i want to use horizontal flip option on visual camera . I don't know why and i don't get any error massages only OBS has turned off instantly (its crash i think) Can someone help me ? It happend on Windows 10 , OBS 26.0.2
  13. zazealot

    Question / Help OBS 24.0.3 64 bit Crashes on startup without any error message

    Problem: (i) After turning the app on for a few seconds it automatically shuts down without any error message (ii) In task manager the Windows reporting problem runs in the background after obs shuts down There's nothing in the crash folder. I only have logs It's been like this...
  14. Armando Ello

    Bug Report Crashing Immediately

    It Crashes and I cant do anything. WHat can I do? https://pastebin.com/u7jdXRW0
  15. L

    Question / Help Having sudden frequent crashes (PLEASE HELP)

    Hello all. as of yesterday i have been having sudden frequent crashes, running all the same programs i always do, i had 1 crash yesterday and 2 today, hoping i can get some help. attached are my crash files as well as my log files.... If i could get help id be so thankful, im in the process...