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    green screen not disappearing properly in chromakey under effect filters or black background

    hi, im havimg trouble with my elgato green screen, it wont turn black properly when i add in the chromakey effect or whatnot. its all fuzzy and i sent a message on here twice already about this. it doesnt look right under my settings and i dont know what to do im a beginner. i have obs 29.0.0...
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    Applying a filter to a selected fragment of a video source.

    Is it possible to make a chroma key filter or a color key filter only on a selected part of the video source (Blackmagic)? I would like to remove the color from a small part of the source. Any idea, trick? Regards.
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    Issue with OBS and ChromaKey

    Hi I am tryin to use a green screen with OBS v. 28.0.3 (64 bit) on Windows 10 and I am following the steps: Add Video Capture Device to Sources (Logitech C920) Add image to Sources Make sure image is below capture device in Sources Add filter to Image: ChromaKey Now the issue: my image is a...
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    Key-ing a background?

    Hello guys, I have a question in regards to whether it's possible to key a picture instead of an entire color, but I should first explain what I am trying to do - maybe you will suggest better option. I am running Easy Worship 2009. For anyone, who doesn't know - it is program that projects...
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    Question / Help GoToMeeting, Webex or Other Web Conferencing (Chromakey)

    I have OBS installed and have set up a scene that properly drops out my bluescreen. How do I make this video source be available to something like GTm or Webex?
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    Question / Help ChromaKey Opacity - Showing Opaque Black Instead of Transparent

    Hiya! I'm a bit new to OBS and I tried searching for a solution, but might not know all the terms or steps I need to achieve what I want. I have a greenscreen and a scene. I have applied the chromakey filter to the scene, and adjusted the settings. In the Filter window, everything appears...