aspect ratio

  1. H

    1920x1200 resolution possible for Facebook Live stream?

    Hi there, the monitor screen that I share for my show (via Facebook Live) has a 1900x1200 (Base Canvas) resolution. Unfortunatelly, I cannot setup the same resolution as an Output (Scaled) one - I can only select 1920x1080. As a result the shared output ends up squished in the height, which...
  2. A

    Error message when typing resolution into video settings page.

    Hello, I have been using OBS to record 9:16 videos without any problems on my MacBook pro. Today I installed it on my Windows Machine, but the video settings panel does not allow me to type in any resolutions that are outside of the 16:9 aspect ratio into the video settings page. For instance...
  3. S

    Mini DV screen recording alignment issue

    Hey there, I'm in the process of screen recording Mini DVs to digitize them. I'm using OBS version 29.0.2 (mac) on a 2013 Macbook Air. Running the Mini DVs from a camcorder (a Canon Elura 2) to my PC using an RGB cable plugged in to the HDMI Docking Station that comes with the camcorder (it's...
  4. C


    Guys, Can anyone help me fix this? It's important as I'm creating content on Omegle. I connected a virtual webcam for Omegle through OBS, but My video On Omegle has a wide range but not a full screen. I've tried changing the aspect ratio, but Nothing happened. Before It was right, but when I...
  5. jefferis

    Getting full screen in window?

    So, I am struggling with one aspect. The video camera we are using for live streaming shows 16:9 and only a portion of the screen visible on the camera is showing in OBS. Instead of either being able to shrink the video to fit or move the area of focus, we have to move the camera focus to...
  6. Belgrieve

    Youtube aspect ratio letterboxes

    I am trying to make a stream with aspect ratio of 2.35:1 so i can put my 16:9 game on one side of the screen and chat on other(as seen on pictures below), but youtube always puts my stream in 16:9 aspect ration no matter what i do which adds unnecessary letterboxes. My monitor has aspect ratio...
  7. J

    Question: Different aspect ratio for scenes

    Hello, I record and stream videos for pc on landscape mode but I also would like to make a scene for tiktok and youtube shorts. The output aspect ratio is global for all scenes as far as I know. Is there a way to have only one vertical scene? If not, is it possible to request this as a feature...
  8. H

    Black Bars Problem while my monitors is 1920x1080 as well as my setting still it doesnt work.

    I have a big problem for a lot of time here with obs as well as other streaming programs the same one. Every time i stream i see black bars left and right of my scream in trovo or twitch. My monitor size is 1920x1080p so i set the base and output resolotion both to 1920x1080p so that must have...
  9. S

    How to change the aspect ratio in obs?

    Hi, i run my windows at 1920x 1080 on 16:9 ratio so does most my games except CSGO i play cs on 1440x 1080 with 4:3 ratio whenever i try to stream on yt theres black bars on the right side of the screen. i tried changing the output resolution in video settings from 1920x 1080 but it only made it...
  10. I

    Can I change Canvas Resolution without stopping the stream/recording?

    I have two monitors, one has an aspect ratio of 5:4 and the other one is 16:10, and I was wondering if there is a way to change the canvas resolution or something so the video output will look ok when I change the scene from a monitor to the other without stopping the stream/recording...
  11. P

    Question / Help Rotate aspect ratio for instagram only

    what's up people i'm using obs,, and yellowduck to stream to youtube, facebook, twitch, periscope, and instagram. any thoughts on how i could get 16:9 video output to rotate 90 degrees for *instagram only* while maintaining 16:9 w/ the other services?
  12. RoxBox

    Question / Help Canvas/Output Resolution Mismatch

    Hello there! Let me preface this by saying I've been using OBS for just a few hours after noticing some recordings on XSplit had stutters that ruined my footage, so this question may have been answered before (I just didn't know exactly how to look it up around). So, I am currently working on...
  13. B

    Question / Help Multiple resolutions for different scenes (Camera)

    Hey guys, odd question but I can't seem to find a resolution, essentially what I'm looking for is to be able to have 2 different camera resolutions (one in 4:3 and one in 16:9) in 2 different scenes. Whenever I try to set a resolution in one scene, it changes in the other. Any tips on this...
  14. L

    Keep Capture Window regardless of size?

    Hello, L1011Widebody here! I don't know how it does it, but X-Split Broadcaster is fantastic at this. Somehow, it manages to maintain the capture of the entire window even if it resizes. This is most noticeable when running DOSBox, many games would run at 640x480 resolution in the front-end...