YouTube Live likes, dislikes and views counter app (Windows)

Free YouTube Live likes, dislikes and views counter app (Windows) 2023-08-07


Fixed an issue that was preventing users from using certain websites as wallpaper.
➡️ Fixed YouTube live counter not automatically updating
The source URL is now a lot more visible, I had to move it inside the configurator. Note this one will not be displayed on mobile devices however the old button is still available.
You can now use additional parameters for docking your YouTube statistics as follows

o - Orientation of the block by default is vertical
s - Text size by default is 3rem

This parameters will override the default layout in order to be able to use it in both your livestream and dock without having to create multiple widgets.

Parameter position does not matter inside the link so you can use as follows. Note ! parameters must be always put after a question mark "?" and the second parameter must have a "&" in front

EX 1. ?o=horizontal&s=1
EX 2. ?o=horizontal
EX 3. ?s=1
EX 4. ?s=1&o=horizontal

A complete example would be
➡️ Implemented an all in one social links page where you can put all your important links to show in your livestream descriptions
➡️ Modified the profile page, you may notice that social links were removed and 2 separate tabs were added
➡️ Fixed profile tabs missplacement on mobile devices

➡️ Changed profile cards with the right ones.

➡️ Added redirect after creation for Countdowns, Like counters and subscriber counters.

➡️ Updated live counter page on the main website

➡️ Updated main page overlay
➡️ Fixed a problem that was causing scrolling texts to not load onto your scrolling texts list
➡️ Fixed some small issues in the new layout for mobile devices
➡️ Fixed mobile main menu, it will now prevent the body from being scrollable while menu is opened on mobile
➡️ Implemented static texts, using this function you can create a widget containing 10 cusomizable texts. You have a variety of customization options for each text.

➡️ I forgot to add negative values to the shadow offset for static letters, so now the X and Y offsets can be negative, with a range of -20 to 20, while the blur stays 0 to 20 allowing you to create texts with 3d effects

➡️ Implemented letter spacing for static texts

➡️ Fixed a problem that was causing scrolling texts to not load onto your scrolling texts list

➡️ Applied a new user friendly template for the entire application
➡️ Reduced the size of loading gifs

➡️ Implemented new widget, Scrolling Texts, this widget allows you to create an animated text scroll from right to left with up to 10 different texts, each text can have its own font style and color

➡️ Implemented loop option for animated name plates / lower thirds
➡️ Added a new feature, text widgets and the first widget you can customize is Animated Name Plates

➡️ Fixed input CSS for searching fonts

➡️ Added animated loading gifs for the whole website so don't get scarred is just an easter egg