YouTube Live likes, dislikes and views counter app (Windows)

Free YouTube Live likes, dislikes and views counter app (Windows) 2023-08-07

We are almost at 1000 downloads; when I started this project, I did not anticipate it would gain such a large following in such a short period of time. Due to the high volume of requests, my server is unable to support the crawler, but YouTube API and Return YouTube Dislike have no trouble continuing to provide this service.

By August 3rd, 2023, we will have put an end to our crawler.
- Due to the increasing demand and usage of main crawler, I have updated the performance of my scrapper
- Included a Discord button that leads to my streamers community Discord

Due to the new google privacy changes, I have updated the policy as well
  • Locked menu while a task is running to avoid breaking the crawler accidentally.
  • After many tests I decided to reduce the crawling time to 15 seconds since it does not break the quotation on Youtube API and RYD API.
  • Crawling cancellation was also reduced to crawling time, it works as follow, Crawling Time - Time passed since last crawl.
  • Major UI improvements for each API page
  • Added task checks to make sure you won't have overlaping tasks when switching from an API to another
  • Added Browser Source implementation, it is customisable and you can save your changes inside the CSS file so they won't be deleted when you update the app
  • Optimised the whole application to use less resources
  • Fixed the crashing issue caused by a misspelled directory path inside the code, the app should now work as expected
  • Complete UI Overhaul
  • Introduced the YouTube API crawling function, you will require to generate your own API key
  • Introduced Return YouTube Dislike API for those who want to have the dislikes as well
  • Added video preview and autoupdate of the results on the main interface
  • Changed the application icon
  • Fixed the download link