UP Deck

Free UP Deck 2.1.19

This is by far the best stream deck solution, thank you!!!!!!!!!
A must have for OBS! Object animation, fake camera movements and do several commands on a push of a button!
Absolutely fantastic. Allows you to perform every single idea you have. The limit is your imagination
Amazing app!
Very flexible and powerful!

P.S. Bought full version for iOS.
An amazing tool! Indeed, he must have a future for OBS. He is not a competitor.
Been meaning to leave a review on here, this is an excellent product with great support. Why pay for the touchscreen device (you know which one) when you already own one (i.e. your phone)? This is the power of an open source platform. It takes a little bit of programming skill (though videos walk you through it), but the end result is an awesome transition tool on your phone/tablet. Super nice dev BTW.
Works absolutely perfect.
Just an amazing work. It is a 100% professional app. Thanks a lot for share with us your development
This is a fantastic product. Having the new web interface makes it much easier to copy logic between different decks. Having multiuser allows me to give a version of my deck to the 'talent' in a show so they can control certain aspects of the production. This has made my life much easier.
Simply wonderful idea, adoring every second using! I already made the purchase and I recommend it to friends!
Works flawlessly! Purchased! Adds tons of power and a few features I was needing in OBS!
Very usefull app! Waiting for more updates.