Added missing SVGs and adjusted color palette
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Added "close" and "popout" SVGs. Fixed margin for dock titles
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Fixed missing save.svg (replay buffer save)
OBS v25 got released and I managed to update all of my themes Twitchy, Mixery and YouTubey just in time. As always, if find errors, let me know! <3
You probably noticed that Twitch overhauled their design and changed some pretty important things like the chat. It's now... black. Black as in pitch black.
Since they changed pretty much every color, the Twitchy theme will get a complete redesign sooner or later. Probably later, because no one knows if they're planning on changing even more major things.

Here's a little workaround to make the chat less prominent like it was before:
Click the ⚙️ in your chat
Make sure to change to "Switch to Non-Mod Settings" or you won't be able to access the "FrankerFaceZ Control Center" found at the bottom of the settings

Click on FrankerFaceZ Control Center
Search for background in the top bar
Click on Theme under Appereance
Enter #121114 in the Background input field

Here's a screenshot so you know what to expect with this change.
Left = Before | Right = After

The chat looks way better and pretty similar compared to before, but the other panels like "Stream Information" and "Twitch Stats" are a tad brighter. Not much we can do about this.
I've talked with the lead developer of FrankerFaceZ and asked him if it would be possible to change the docks and chat separately since that's not possible atm. He has a lot of work at the moment but he keeps it in mind for a future update. If he's taking too long, I'll just update my theme and hope that Twitch won't screw me over.

Again: This is a workaround and only temporary. Expect BIG changes with this theme!

I hope that this little update helped you with Twitch's "interesting" style decision.

Updated the theme for the upcoming OBS v24, removed unnecessary files, fixed minor things.
If something is broken, send me a PM and I'll get it fixed asap. :D
Fixed the top_hook.png, some icons were missing
(top hook)

Thanks to @lindenkron for showing it to me :3
Updated preview background and source icons for OBS v23.2
Please update if you already downloaded the "Lite" version of the theme

Not sure how I missed that but I forgot to change the paths of the settings icons in the Lite version.
Reverted the Scenes font change as it's causing problems on high-DPI