Trotbot Redux: Extensible API

Semi-free Trotbot Redux: Extensible API 1.0

Hey OBS community,

While programming for users has been worthwhile as of late, this particular program is getting more attention from myself than expected.

Further support will now be given through a distributor, while the version here on the OBS community forums will remain free.

Support is greatly appreciated.
Software Distributor Webpage

Re-versioning Update
An IRC-based chat bot API for connecting to ``s chat room services. The API is grounded in the C# programming language which means a basic level of the programming language is necessary for creating your own plugins. The base program includes three vanilla plugins which can be modified at will to get started: BasicCommands, lab, and OnLoad (internal name: Plugins).

There contains two forms of function: a GUI which contains a chat logger with basic colors for color-keying out the background as well as font selection acquired from the Windows fonts directory. Then a console version which enables direct input into the stream feed. Both versions contain at least a basic function for viewing a console that portrays all the messages coming through the network, e.g. which users have joined or left.

Disabling plugins takes the action of removing it from its root folder. Furthermore there is a crude method for compiling code into plugins using a C# v5 compiler which is directed toward within the `compile.cmd` file located within. README files explain the remainder of the information necessary for the function of the included programs.

Why this?
IRC Network API -- An API already plugged into the IRC networking code with programmed events for each basic process a chat message goes through.

Change log
  • Plugins now are fitted for the GUI version.
  • Changing plugins back to fitted for console requires changing the assembly back to the twitchbot.dll instead of the CoreWPF.dll.
  • GUI properly loads plugins and reports their titles and version upon successful bot login.

This update is for fixing the GUI chat auto scrolling from stationary when text scrolls beyond the window size to scrolling to the latest chat message. Do note this will mean cropping the vertical scroll bar may be necessary.


This update is simply to patch out a bug where the chat log would not properly line break. An addition to this is that now usernames are in bold typeface.
Hello forum members,

This version underwent a change when I realized that I could not easily add a plugin that used a GUI. In this case, I desired to add a chat logger. Since this seemed farfetched, I simply reformatted the code for this feature to work, and added a little functionality such as font family changing and the like.

It is not currently as robust as other alternatives--it does not have icons for subs or moderators--though it stands as a basic chat logger for now.

The future of this project may involve me adding a few more plugins into another release when it comes time to improve usability and QoL.

The console and GUI versions are contained in their own directories.


This version includes a fix to crashes upon bot start when no program arguments are present. Along with this:
  • Adds proper disposal of plugins upon bot exit
  • Compile of live code feature added
  • Reload " "
Also included is three plugin's source code and the "lab" plugin, otherwise known as the chat maze minigame.