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This update requires downloading the program manually. There have been updates to .NET that made Ssl3 obsolete, and Tls12 is typically not sufficient either. The update changes this to Tls13 for the future. Among other changes there were some bugs in the updating sequence that are fixed as of testing today.

API additions were something minor, but three basic methods for getting commands from messages has been added to the UserData class.

Help commands were unusual, so a basic tree-like change was made, such as: "~help Plugin.Name command-name." Previously it only worked using "~help command-name."
Hey there,

Today this release covers a few things. The Linux port required moving from netstandard2.0 to .NET 6.0. It was tested on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS.

QoL changes were among corrections to irregular plugin usage. Such as if for some reason there was a disconnect from chat and the state could not be recovered, restarting has been changed.

Startup automation comes in the form of two command-line arguments: --skip-update and --automated. The former skips the update-check prompt and the latter automatically loads plugins based on a list in a file called "enabled.ini" located in the "Plugins" directory. README.diff has been updated to explain these features.

Downloading this directly is not necessary. Therefore if you prefer: using the in-app update in legacy releases uses the Github repository link to download and arrange files accordingly.

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Hey all,

There have been some recent changes that will change the .NET version from netstandard2.0 to .NET 6.0 in efforts to make a Linux port. Other changes are coming to fix some of the reboot loops if any plugin causes a crash. Also, the --help command will come with a command reference in order to either disable it completely or change it to another command name.

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This update is not much for features but it contains some bug fixes that will improve the program's QoL. It can be acquired automatically from Github using the program's update feature, or simply visit the Github's Releases page.
Since the last update, there has been work done to automate updating.

The update code reads this file from the Github page and checks the internal program versioning for discrepancy. This way, when there is a bug fix for something like a crash, the user does not have to try digging up some version from here. So releases will be made here as well, but less frequently.

For the meantime, if you'd like to find recent updates and prefer manually checking, all these versions are being uploaded to Github here.

Other changes are among the likes of procedural index checking the raw IRC output to hopefully avoid crashes when IRC data changes a little. Command characters are fixed for plugin-side, for instance using the '~' instead of '!' character.
Since there has been a change in the index numbering, it was causing a crash previously that has been addressed.

For global help commands, all loaded plugins and their respective commands can be viewed in chat by using "--help [plugin name] | [plugin command]". Just using "--help" will return all plugins loaded. Then something like "--help Chat.Polls" will respond with all the commands for that plugin. Furthermore each command can be looked into with the same format.

The wiki has been updated with a small section for the HelpMessage object.
The API was not very well done and there was a license key wall upon starting the program which has been removed. In effect, the major parts have been refactored. If you want to write plugins for this, be aware the API version has updated to 0.2.

A wiki is in construction here: -- it explains that this application doubles as a library to be used in plugin development or further use among other things.
Dear community members,

The pricing structure has changed from a static $5 to pay-what-you-want with the minimum price as free.

Product Site

The product download includes the GUI, the package of vanilla plugins, and the latest console version.

Hello again,

So short a time has passed yet there are more developments. Future uploads of the versions provided here on the forums will have the vanilla plugins removed from them. In order to continue using the vanilla plugins that have been provided so far, try here for past versions of both the vanilla plugins and the GUI.

The console version has been brought up to speed and contains the reconnect fix so that it may be feasible to run on a server reliably without much maintenance.

The GUI has been removed from this release and for the foreseeable future of this program the console will take over as the free API alternative.

Here is a walk through for programming a plugin--featuring making a quotes-themed one.


Since last update there have been two new vanilla plugins added. These will be included in the next free release posted here (this information is deprecated) have already been included in the package managed by the software distributor.

The updates are as follows:
- Added reconnect function when both GUI and Console disconnect
- Added new vanilla plugin called "Libs"
- Recompiled some plugins to use .NET Core
## patch
- Added the Timed Messages vanilla plugin
- Updated plugin dependencies
## hotfix
- Fixed user commands plugin not saving command data
- Brought the console version up to current changes
- Added updated commands plugin to console version

The latest vanilla plugin, Libs, is a take on the popular word game where players place nouns, verbs, adjectives and so in the designated places. It was designed to show off complex string managing.