The app code has moved from Electron Fiddle to an Electron app.

Google's MediaPipe JS tracks pose gestures to control slide navigation.
Raise your right hand to go to the next slide and left hand to go to the previous slide.

A P5 JS overlay is used to illustrate hand tracking.
Display camera video behind the transparent slides.

New features​

Teleprompter slide notes. Your slide notes scroll, like a teleprompter.

Adjust the text size and scroll speed.

⏪Slowdown/reverse scrolling​
⏸️Pause scrolling​
⏩Speed up scrolling​
➕Increase notes text size​
➖Decrease notes text size​

Send and Receive WebSocket messages from the OBS Plug-in Advanced Scene Switcher. Messages to Advanced scene switcher can be encoded in the slide notes. Double pipe characters are used to indicate the start and end of a message. For example, ||Turn on Luma Filter||, will send the message "Turn on Luma Filter".