1. U

    Free Transparent Google Slides Player 0.0.5

    Transparent Google Slides Player An app to play Google Slides with a transparent background and connect to OBS to control scene changes. This is an Electron app that removes the background from a Published Google Slide show. It also uses OBS WebSockets to change scenes in OBS based on the slide...
  2. Harjas01

    HTTP request on stream stop

    I am using obs to stream to a rtmps server. I was wondering is there a way to make a HTTP request to my server when i click the stop stream button. I also want to include the stream key that was being user in the request so that my server can execute some custom logic. I searched for webhooks...
  3. I

    How to add Media Source Local File with PYTHON

    I have a path such as 'D:\Cycling - My Mountain Route.mp4' how can I assign this path to OBS Media Source with websockets using PYTHON code ? I tried this : sourceName = 'Media Source' Local_file = 'D:\Cycling - My Mountain Route.mp4'...
  4. D

    Scene Banner 1.0

    This browser source dock displays the Program and Preview scene names in a banner above the respective scenes. It automatically adapts to studio mode and can be customized for different OBS layouts and to enable several "helper" buttons. The source is HTML/Javascript, so it probably works on...
  5. M

    WebSockets not working, not showing in tools, installing but not showing up

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with getting the up-to-date WebSockets to install and run properly. I've looked up so many resources and tutorials but nothing is working. I do not have the option in the tools setting to configure the WebSockets so I tried to do the basic Windows installer for...
  6. H

    websocket ptz camera support

    Hello, I found that OBS Studio's websocket switching of cameras really easy to get working. Can I also control a PTZ camera as well using websockets? Thank you!
  7. K

    Websockets completely crashing OBS after install

    OBS v27.1.3 im trying to install websockets plugin to use lioranboard 10 seconds into having obs open the source icons go weird and the app crashes i install though the EXE provided from the plugin and once i uninstall the plugin, obs works completely fine anyone else having this issue?
  8. hmeneses

    Free HTML Streaming time for OBS (uses websockets plugin) 0.02

    a simple html file that connects with OBS using websockets plugin, and displays the streaming time, odometer js, normalize css, web fonts and jquery are linked from CDN, so you can do any fancy customization with littl effort Installation: put it anywhere you like and add it as a browser source