Transparent Google Slides Player​

An app to play Google Slides with a transparent background and connect to OBS to control scene changes.

This is an Electron app that removes the background from a Published Google Slide show. It also uses OBS WebSockets to change scenes in OBS based on the slide notes.

Using this app​

Set the Slides background color​

In Google Slides set the background color to #ABCDEF. The script looks for the color code #ABCDEF when removing the background.

Add notes​

Double brackets "{{ }}" are used to indicate which Scene to switch to. For Example, add the note {{Scene 1}} to switch to an OBS scene named "Scene 1".

Other text can be in the notes section. The brackets can appear any where in the notes.

Publish the Slides​

To Publish your slides, click 'file --> Share --> Publish to web'

Turn on WebSocket Server in OBS​

In OBS Click "Tools" on the menu bar, then "WebSocket Server Settings". Enable the websocket server. Copy the IP, Port and password

Download this app​

Enter the IP, Port, and Password. Paste in the URL to a Published Google Slides.

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Latest updates

  1. New Feature: Gesture Controls

    The app code has moved from Electron Fiddle to an Electron app. Google's MediaPipe JS tracks...
  2. New Feature: Video Backgrounds

    Display camera video behind the transparent slides.
  3. New Features: Notes Teleprompter and Advanced Scene Switcher controls

    New features Teleprompter slide notes. Your slide notes scroll, like a teleprompter. Adjust...