Transition Table

Transition Table 0.2.7

Does exactly what it says on the tin! - Great Plugin
Works great! I only have one request. The request would be to add an option to toggle specific transition overrides on and off, so I don't have to delete them when I want to bypass them (and add a global table bypas - all ideally with hotkeys).
Time saving and easy to set transitions between scenes
Best way to control Scenes switching!
Extremely simple to use, yet allows complex setups. Definitely a fan of this from the beginning and can't wait to see where it may be headed. Exeldro has done it again, everyone!

(btw the built in search functionality of this is top notch. Really makes it clear what you're working with)
I agree with user Volti below; the new Transition Table is certainly a downgrade from the old Matrix grid view, which was much more convenient at a glance. Here, with the new "Table" UI, you have to select each scene individually from a drop-down menu, and then do the same with the scene you are trying to transition TO. Some may call this a "cleaner, less cluttered look", but I call it a step backwards.

It would be awesome if the "Matrix" button was more than just a preview, and was actually interactive; available as the classic Transition Matrix option that users could opt for over the new layout somehow.

That said the last version of Matrix was certainly clunky and aging, and the Matrix button in Table is pretty polished by comparison, even without interactivity.
This is an amazing Plug In! Thing are getting simpler with this! Great Job!!
Thanks for such a nice plugin <3
This is a well needed update to the Transition Override Matrix plugin. Exeldro doing an absolute top notch job once again!
Excellent tool! Thanks a ton!
Fantastic tool to get full control over individual transitions per scene.
Thank you so much for your work.
Awesome plugin, thanks so much for the hard work ! Cheers mate
It's very good plugin. I would love to see two additional features, which would allow to make better setups:
1. Making "wildcard" rules, for example: From any scene which has "MS -" in name by typing "*MS - *" in "From"
2. Priorities - right now I have colliding rules with the "Any" setting, and it chooses not the one I want.
not work at OBS 27.4.2 but only OBS 27.4.2 work with free ver of StreamFX
For OBS 27 use version 0.2.3 or lower