Transition Table

Transition Table 0.2.7

Such a powerful tool. Thank you!
It's okay if you've never tried OBS Transition Matrix, but this one is definitely worse.
Transition Table, regardless of their actually bugs, works really good if you have something like 5 scenes.
In my case, I have more than 30 scenes, all of them are connected to each other with different settings. It's a headache set every single scene and very slow when you have a lot.
It would be great to have a section similar to Transition Matrix.
@Exeldro this is a very useful and powerful plugin to change in a very fast and clear way the config of transitions and I love the way it works.

Thanks you very much for such handy tool. I use it a lot.

NOTE: You are credited as 'Plug-ins Creator' at the credits of my 'Streams' at the end of them. ;)
Great plugin! Need an update for OBS 28
latest test version can be found here:
it should release shortly after OBS version 28 is released
The transition tables work very slickly and very well! GOOD STUFF!
the plugin is fine exeldro your plugins are very creative I am interested in your plugins
This is exactly what I was looking for to better control my transitions, thank you
I have been using transition tables almost as long as its been out, awesome tool once you learn the settings. I just updated to OBS 28 and had to install the transition tables again, however none of my transitions came with it. I have well over 200 transitions programmed for my church and this would be a nightmare to have to redo. Please help>
Its actually pretty great comped to the last iteration, though I liked the grid format. This is much easier to learn, faster, all around streamlined to be honest. 5/5 my man!
Completely unusable UI/UX in it's current state. Can't easily edit the table, the items dissapear when you add them, have to constantly delete and re-add, and close/open to refresh. Just make it a table that I can edit!
Perfect implementation of a feature that should have been built into OBS in the first place.
Most of the UX requests have been added and updated. Fantastic for complicated OBS setups especially!
I liked the version, it's fine, it has more things, very good, exeldro
Pretty decent, but not very userfriendly to work with.

Few things to improve UX could be Transition rename auto update. The ability to double click on any transition table in the list to directly update it instead of having to re-enter it again to set it again. The ability to search on names anywhere in the name - and not just starting with the name. So if a scene is called "Scene B" you should be able to type B and have it show up, not just "Scene".
Works great and does exactly what it says. I appreciate the MacOS support on Day 1.
Love it!
Awesome, Works great... Thank you :)
Nice and easy
Really nice, very user-friendly and adds a nice professional touch when moving between scenes. Nice job!
Continuing to love this. Two questions/ideas:

1) Would it be possible to make it so if a scene is duplicated, the original transition table settings automatically transfer over?

2) Would it be possible to add a "Add Reverse" feature (name needs work), where once you set the from >> to, you can automatically set the to >> from with the same settings (or still having the option to change transition/duration settings)?
Idea 1 is difficult, because there is no good way in OBS for plugins to detect that a scene is duplicated.
Idea 2 is possible, I need to think about the best way to implement that, maybe I just need to add a swap button between the from and to.