ThFlying1diot - HitBox, Twitch Tool V2 (Followers, Subscribers, Donations)

Free ThFlying1diot - HitBox, Twitch Tool V2 (Followers, Subscribers, Donations)

Sometimes the EditBox was stuck and he was hiding under a rock from now you can press with youre finger on the mouse to poke him back up! (click on a item now also recalls the EditBox instead of always have to move over the EditBox with mouseleave).

Edit the LiveView On mode, so now you can click on the right part to go straight to Edit Mode (LiveView Off).

Some small changes because it's not just only Twitch anymore but also HitBox.

And some small new update:
You can now fill in youre own Extra Alert Text value.
Later this day, I will alow you to switch marquee on or off for this one and for Main Alert.

Kind regards,
Th Flying 1diot
HitBox Follower support didn't work for people with more then 100 followers xD.. But yesterday with realtime testing with the help of HitBox user ExXxO the problems have bin found. The code is redesigned and smarter and now works like it supposed to.

Also now I have builded support for the User logo's for HitBox, so that is now also supported.
HitBox now also supported, some little fixes.
RealTime editing Follower Alerts, Subscriber Alerts or Donation Alerts.