ThFlying1diot - HitBox, Twitch Tool V2 (Followers, Subscribers, Donations)

Free ThFlying1diot - HitBox, Twitch Tool V2 (Followers, Subscribers, Donations)

Beta v1.0* ThFlying1diot WebTool Client
Because this resource does not allow me to add a download to the WebClient not other then posting a download as below.. I have opened another resource for the Client.

100% WebTool
This WebTool is in a continious development. And can change from time to time. Also I built a lot of fancy stuff in the tool on demand and after my own ideas. Some functions which you can use in this tool:
  • HitBox and Twitch: Follower Alert, Subscriber Alert, Donation Alert (very customizable layout)
  • Sound support (OGG / MP3)
  • Text-To-Speech (speak out the user and or message)
  • YouTube video support within a Donation Alert (when a donator puts a youtube link in the donation text it will load a YouTube play box. Also you can adjust some settings as you wish)





This tool alows one to make its own custom alerts for Followers, Subscribers and Donations. The Donations code will take, or StreamTip donations and uses all at the same time and handles its request to get all unique messages to the stream. So you could have all three filled in and it would work no problem at all.

I didn't write help notifications windows yet but if needed then I could make some but it already so easy to build and just pressing the OBS URL gives the URL you can place in CLR Browser.

Currently Chrome is 100% supported!!

Insallation for OBS
You need new version of OBS which you can find here doesn't matter if it is Classic or Studio but you need to download the one with CLR Browser Source.

  1. Open up OBS and add a CLR Browser URL thingie
  2. (Most be 1920x1080 thats the resolution you will be modifiying youre Alerts true my Twitch Tool V2)

  3. Custom alert time!
  4. Go to: click on screen xD
  5. Authorize with youre Twitch account
  6. Firs time loading always gets you into LiveView mode
  7. Press LiveView On to get out of LiveView mode
  8. Now you can modify the whole alert. How?
  • Press a item and a EditBox appears which all the modifying options of the specific item you clicked on. You can also drag the EditBox to a better position so it doesn't gets in the way
  • Drag and resize items speaks for itselfs
  • Change Images from within the EditBox can be done on the Follower Alert and the Extra Alert.
  • The Twitch UserLogo will only show in LiveView IF the user who followed has a Logo within Twitch or HitBox
  • Press LiveView to see youre fruits (all Ok?)
  • Press the OBS URL copy the address
    (For HitBox Followers press the sub menu item HitBox beneath OBS URL)
  • Copy this Url into your OBS still open CLR BRrowse URL thingie
  • Press ok! Thats all.
  • For a preview look at the back of the url and change
    &preview=false into &preview=true
Download? Now dude -> It's all online, you have youre own workplace!

Feature changes / To-do list

  • Layout positions of items
    Set the position of the items. With buttons within the EditBox which allows you to put a item on top of another or below.
  • Browse Custom Alerts
    Choose one of the pre defined custom made Alerts all builded by me.
    Maybe an option to share youre own custom Alert?? If thats handy








Kind regards,
Th Flying 1diot
Th Flying 1diot
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