ThFlying1diot - HitBox, Twitch Tool V2 (Followers, Subscribers, Donations)

Free ThFlying1diot - HitBox, Twitch Tool V2 (Followers, Subscribers, Donations)

Currently I am fine tuning the server performance.
I will try to take the best performance possible.
Loading performance is already good on the new server.

Also I have a new name for the next version.
This will take much time, I need to make a complete

Kind regards,
Fixed folder right and caching problem, which looked like nothing was saved.


Because of an attack yesterday, I needed to place my tools faster then planned to my new server. Hope all works fine, and even faster, but this is still version 2.

I am building a new version. Also complete new name and design will differ to.
This version will first be beta tested by some users. I will not release any info yet.

Kind regards,
I was just checking my old v2 and noticed this error. So fixed it for now.

Kind regards,
Animation added to LiveView On :D!

From now on you can set a In and Out animation on youre alerts.
When set one alert it wil set it as default to alerts. So after readjust if needed.
This are some basic animations for now. But works fine!


Kind regards,
Fixed a glitch for some users, who did not have all settings needed to load a alert screen. This is fixed by first loading a default setting and then loading the user their settings.
Beta* ThFlying1diot WebTool Client
This is the first Beta for a WebTool Client for to use in Windows. What can you do with it? Easier access to editing the Alerts true a Chromium embedded webbrowser. Build in Synchronization so Alerts are loaded from local instead of the website it self. Which should bring better performance because of script is really done locally and images and data loaded locally. Still Beta so changing code to load as much locally as possible.
Finaly found a good way to get the sorting working for the layout of all parts of a alert. You can now sort it in the Layout tab, so no you can place for example the user logo in top of main alert, extra alert. Or a sort order you want. And maybe place the extra alert higher then the extra alert text.


Also saw that I accidently copied some test code instead of live code. Now all sort to the good code, also modified the testing branche so it won't happen again.

Fixed a small error which didn't allow extra-alert-text to be resized. It loads a now a second later so resizing is activated properly.

Kind regards,
From now on you can setup a YouTube support for the Donation Alert. You set Max Time a video is allowed to play. You can set a minimal amount which a user needs to have donated before a YouTube video is allowed to play.

Also you can stop the sound and text-to-speech if YouTube video is playing. And above that you can set if you want to use Unit times seconds. So for every dollar you can set a certain amount of seconds and then it will play the amount in dollars times the seconds. BUT it won't play longer then the given Max Time value.

Kind regards,


Hello again!

I have made some changes within the layout of the menu and added it all to the LiveView mode. Because that works much better and faster then it was when trying to create a perfect timed alert.

So now the Buttons Sound On/Off and Text-To-Speech Enable/Disable or placed in the LiveView On menu. On same layout as the Timing and Sound volume settings.

So under LiveView On you can find:
  • Sound on/off
  • Sound volume
  • Sound change (MP3 and OGG are now supported; be sure to use newest OBS and CLR Browser plugin)
  • Text-To-Speech on/off
  • Text-To-Speech language
  • Text-To-Speech user on/off
  • Text-To-Speech message on/off

Kind regards,
HitBox Authentication is now complete with extra visible check!
You can fill in youre HitBox data within LiveView off in Followers.


Also I have made the language for Text-To-Speech changable from the LiveView mode. As for example for Followers.