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Free ThFlying1diot - HitBox, Twitch Tool V2 (Followers, Subscribers, Donations)

Hello HitBox users,

From today you can have an Subscriber Alert within the WebTool and give alerts for the subscribers who just got subscribed to youre HitBox channel. This is still BETA it does however work. But needs more polishing which I will do in next day or so.


Also some more tweaks comming to make things a little easier.

What to do to get this to work?

  1. Go to
  2. Login with youre twitch account.
  3. Go to Followers setting NOT in Live View, so Live View must be off.
  4. Then fill in youre HitBox Username and Password (Password will be used to get the token from HitBox theirs Authentication system) secure Key.
  5. Go to Subscribers check if both fields are still filled should be..
  6. Then make youre alert pretty and all, enable Text-To-Speech and maybe hide the Extra-Alert-Text, the Text-To-Speech will still be spoken out.
  7. Then press OBS URL select the HitBox version copy it
  8. Go to OBS make a new resource CLR Browser 1920x1080 and paste the url.
  9. And now place it where you want and let people subscribe.

Questions? Go in WebTool => Contact => Facebook. Easiest quickest way.

Kind regards,
Some updates!

Made some updates within the code to make it better. Also from now on Custom donation text is supported. Also with variables like:
  • {AMOUNT}
Default is: {AMOUNT}{CURRENCY} Donation! - {MESSAGE}

Text-To-Speech also fixed for donation message. Working now! Like a charm.


Another thing I can now built in is a SpamFilter. When in one check of the FollowerAlerts there are more then a certain amount of new Followers I can stop the sound for the next following followers when the certain amount stop is reached.

So when I have a spam filter for 20 followers at once. Then every follower in that one check above that limit has no sound. In the following checks the volume is normal automaticly again. So to stop trolls from spamming sounds with the mis use of accounts within twitch/hitbox.

HitBox Subscriber Alert
Currently I am looking into the code and have part one done. The authentication is now working with HitBox to get a valid token to get the list of subscribers from the user. Now I need some people to test it out. Within the screen Subscribers in my tool there is a new password option for HitBox. When you typed in youre password after that just reload the page and you will see the password is saved in a secure way. This is needed to get the token true HitBox, because it needs a valid login.

With the authentication I maded it is secured and now I can start looking in to the Subscribers List of someone with subscribers and make a grabber for the new subscribers.

Kind regards,
So another update, subscribers is next, but I just had read some questions from streamers on the internet asking about how they can do this. So..

I have builded TextToSpeech into the WebTool. You can enable it by going to sound menu and choose enable TTS. Then the custom text or text will be spoken out afte two seconds that the message displays. I need to build the timing in.

Kind regards,

Hello all,

Sorry have had some bad months had to stop many things I do code wise. But now decided to pick some stuff up again. And this tool has the top priority from now on again. Sorry it took a while..

So the first update from right now:
  • Donations Imraising working with the new API EventListener, you have to give up the key from youre Imraising account (API changed)
  • Donations has been fixed with new API
  • Donations has been builded in also a new data field is added to support it, under Donations works with SocketIO/API

Also I am thinking of building the tool from the ground up again making the code better and better updatable, so I can build some really cool features which I think they don't exist today.

Kind regards,
Some good news for the Hitbox users. I just searched and found some code I think I can use to get subscriber alert for Hitbox. Also I will look into all old problems and see if they still exists. But please first update youre Donations settings. I will also contact the people who tried to do so.. so more updates will come soon.
Hello Streamers!

The donation link within my own tool had a problem becaus of an updated feature within Streamdonations, so I updated that and also I have builded some other donation links. So if you want support me and therefore this tool! And you do not want to loose it! Then you could send me a donation so I can keep adding support/features and maybe even use it for financing the Server which beholds this WebTool.

I will also make a top list of all the donators who have supported me. I still have so mich ideas but had some little time past week or so. And today I am proud to say that my cat has given birth of three little kittens! The donated money will also support my kittens.





And tips are welcome requests also! I have had the question if it would be possible to support Streamtip I still need to look into it.

Kind regards,
From now on you can share your creation true Twitter and Facebook! Later on I will include a graph and if you like a realtime follower data. So other people could have this alert open and see all followers comming bye. Or subscribers, donations. Depending on what alert you have shared! ;)

Click Browse Alerts and the first one which pops up is yours now you can share the Alert you are currently viewing, or choose another one you like to share with the world.

Kind regards,

Subscriber Alert wasn't working. This is now fixed with the help of twitch user etrnlwait thanks for that!

You can now within LiveView mode change the sound volume in realtime. Also when an alert is played and time runs out the sound which is loaded will be stopped 100ms later. So it is a little easier to add sound.

You now have the posibility to change the background of User Name with an picture if you would want so offcourse.

The usage of the Alert Tool is now saved for other cool stuff with comes later!

Made some other changes and fixes also. Still thinking of cool stuff like for example.

// Special Follower Alert message for certain users
How cool would it be to have a custom message for youre friends within the online stream. The idea is that you can add a friend in the special users list within the Followers alert part. Which gives you the option to set an special extra message per user. Maybe a max of 15 users or so? Don't no. But what it can do? Well when a friend joins your stream and whant the special message to be displayed in front of all he simply press the unfollow button waits about 10 seconds presses follow again and the special custom message and alert is shown for the specific user.

Would this be cool? If yes donate a dollar and I will start building it.

Kind regards,
From nowon is also supported within HitBox / Twitch Tool V2. Here an little example.



You can now see what others have made and see all the Alerts by browsing.
This is an example of what comes next! The next thing is that I am developing new alerts with cool nice layouts and this browse will have an option with these layouts so you can check them out. After finding a cool layout you click a button wich take over this layout in youre settings. Youre other layout will be overwriten in this stage.

So now most people can enjoy new cool layouts.
This layouts includes gifs style of layout sound and the timing of alert and next gif.
OBS URL is now replaced with a help guide for installing the Alert.
Thats all the time I have today. Now going back watching German VS Portugal.

Kind regards,
Th Flying 1diot