Teleport 0.7.1

i use Windows 11 and im not sure if that's the problem but I'm leaning that way. it crashes the OBS application multiple times and 99% of the time its just a black screen no nothing and when it does display something it just displays a frame of something nothing else it doesn't even update.
Audio sometimes desyncs and I can't figure out why, otherwise it'd be 5 stars.

Not sure how to reproduce but it happens when streaming for a long time.

Btw it works on my MBP 16 (M1 2023) as a receiver.
It just works ... not like obs-ndi. Love this plugin
Completely eliminates the need for a capture card while sacrificing almost nothing. Genius plugin, thank you!
Works very well and is a nice alternative to NDI.
Works great love it! Great job again @Tuna
I tried similar things such as streaming via SRT, or NDI. but OBS doesn't support audio, video stream encapsulation with anything eles but mpegts via any transport protocol such as SRT, RIST. NDI only supports compressed codec, which uses CPU. none of them supports uncompressed video streaming. (NDI supports lossless audio). I'd really like to see supporting uncompressed video codec. so that true encoding offload can be achived. if so, I'm willing to buy 5GbE, or 10GbE ethernet cards.
How do I set this up on a Mac ?
Compared to NDI4 is a good alternative.

Compared to NDI5 (especially with gpu encoding - Screen Capture HX), no. Uses more than 2 times higher network resources (40-50 Mb/s at 40 quality with Teleport, 15-20 Mb/s for NDI5 at "good" quality). Video and audio delay when transmitting from the main PC reaches 1-2 seconds. Extra 5-15% CPU load (OBS on main PC) is also not encouraging.

If it weren't delays and increased CPU load, the plugin would be very good for me. The picture quality is really better.
This is so cool and very good alternative to NDI - works fine with my windows and Linux - have not yet tried version 4.0 on raspberry.
It would be a dream if one could to a ffmpeg to teleport or teleport to udp but this mainly to do some type of srt to teleport and teleport to srt solution without the need of a full OBS - anyway this is very usefull and easy to use.
Works superb. Could get rid of NDI since it has issues with desync that could happen at any time. No issues with Teleport and quality is great.
Well done! Works like a charm.
yes yes yes do it I LOVE THE NEW THINKING HERE. FILLS A VACUUM. With this and NINJA, its edging into a distributed OBS. and all other stuff works great with it.
Yo this was out of nowhere and its beautiful jesus
Finally can RIP the Ndi Trash
Still some work to do, but even at 50 Qualitysetting, it looks better than NDI.
Max Quality at the moment is 58 then it begins to stick. Not shure because the App is under development or the 1GB Network can´t handly more.
THANK YOU!!!! This has been a game changer after obs-ndi becoming quite a resource hog, very excited for the progress of this, been using immediately and it's flawless for me
This Tool is Amazing even if it isn't working 100% ATM
was working flawless is the main teleport of the whole obs scene. I Only got the "Filter" Teleport working on Videos.

I would love to see updates soon and bug fixes. This tool and especially the Quality Setting is amazing. It is smoother than NDI

I Used NDI a long time now to connect the PC of my GF to my one, and so we have multi streaming. But NDI at some point start to get really buggy and leeches a lot of the network power.

So I want to give this a try in future streams, :) Can't wait for it to work as intended

Bug report:
If there is audio and video on a Source, you have two windows in filter (Audio and Video)
But "Teleport" and "Teleport Audio" Only appears in the upper Window (Audio)
So if there is no Audio Source, there is no Teleport in "filters"

Somehow I got a filter to work and named it just "test"
In the Teleport Source List, there were 4 entries:
t / 192.168*****
te / 192.168*****
tes / 192.168*****
test / 192.168*****
Seams there is a string.foreach that loops and take every letter and in the next loop it just go string.length+1 instead of the next word :)

If you need further information about my system and stuff, please contact me :)
I am easy to find under the name "Filgaja"
I would love to write to you on discord if you need assistent
Outstanding for platforms that are not ideal stream machines.
Perfect 10 in my book.
An excellent alternative to NDI without Desync or Performance related issues of the former.

Lacks the ability to send separate sources as their own output (Audio, Video each on their own), but if you're looking for a simple "Send Scene to Stream Machine", then this is the Plugin to get.