1. P

    Teleport audio and Webcam Out of sync

    Hi friends, I recently updated from NDI plugin to the Teleport plugin while using a stream pc but am experiencing an issue with audio being out of sync with the webcam. Yo be specific, game audio, video and microphone are all synced up fine, but the webcam seems to be about 600ms behind the...
  2. YorVeX

    Beam v1.0.0

    Beam Seeking help with translations, please go here if you want to help, thanks! Beam (technical project name "xObsBeam") is an OBS plugin to transmit video and audio feeds between OBS instances, raw, or with lossless or lossy compression. An alternative to NDI and Teleport for A/V...
  3. A

    Video Output is Currently Active - teleport keeps crashing

    Hey everyone, I need some help. My OBS is telling me that i have my video output active, and i can't change my video settings. Keep in mind I don't have virtual cam enabled and everytime I try turning off teleport, my OBS crashes. No NDI plugins either. I'd really appreciate some help, I'm...
  4. M

    OBS Teleport

    I have setup OBS Teleport on both PC's. On the streaming PC you can add the Gaming PC via the teleport source but there is no video or audio. Any ideas on whats the problem?
  5. B

    Teleport add and delete server using API

    Hello team, we have bulk number of servers, is it possible to add all server in teleport dashboard using teleport API??? or is there any other solution to add bulk servers in teleport , if yes please suggest
  6. YorVeX

    Pass video and audio multiple times between OBS instances in a robust way? (NDI? Teleport?)

    "Robust" is the important part here, it means that audio and video stays in sync even if there is a short lag in one of the OBS instances. And "staying in sync" mostly (though not exclusively) means "don't produce the infamous 'adding X milliseconds of audio buffering' message", because that's...
  7. Tuna

    Teleport 0.7.1

    An OBS Studio plugin for an open NDI-like replacement. Pretty simple, straight forward. No NDI compatibility in any form. Just as an alternative option for stream setups with multiple machines wanting to transmit some OBS Studio scenes to the main streaming machine in LAN.