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TeamSpeak 3 Plugin

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Formerly known as TS3 Recording Notifier

A community I play in requires users to have *R* in front of their name in Teamspeak if they are recording or streaming. I made this plugin to add the prefix/suffix when streaming then remove it when not streaming.

As of 2013-12-20, the plugin has been updated to allow users to mute and/or deafen themselves as well as switch channels while streaming/recording. They will be unmuted/undeafened and moved back to the original channel when recording/streaming stops.

As of 2014-08-20, it also adds a TS3 overlay that can be added as a source for OBS. This overlay was created from a modified version of the Text source.

32bit Version
64bit Version
Zip file contains TS3Plugin.dll and README.txt files

Before streaming, open the TeamSpeak 3 Plugin config.

First box allows you to set the IP of the PC running your TS3 client if you record and play on different computers.
In the second box add your TS3 Unique ID (Settings -> Identities -> Unique ID)
The next two checkboxes pick whether to use a prefix or suffix. The third sets whether the pre/suffix is added to all servers or the active server.
Change *R* in the third box to what ever you want the prefix to be (must be 10 characters or less)
The next two checkboxes are self explanatory. The third sets whether the mute/deafen is added to all servers or the active server.
If the "Change Channel" checkbox is ticked, the "Set Channel" button and "Channel Password" boxes are activated. Move to the streaming/recording channel and press "Set Channel" to set that channel in OBS. Then add the channel password if necessary. Only works in the active server.

The overlay config:

The overlay in action:

IMPORTANT: You need to have the TS3 ClientQuery plugin running for this to work.

If you are interested, or want to see how bad my coding is, source code is available on [/URL]Github.

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