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Stream/Recording Start/Stop Beep (SRBeep) (Unsupported) 2.1.1

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
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Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Linux
Plays a sound when you start or stop a stream or recording.

Someone somewhere mentioned that they thought it would be a good idea and I've been struggling with the OBS Studio TS3Plugin port. So I thought I'd so something simple and quick. Two days later (about 1.5 days longer than I expected) we have this.

Done like the sounds I made? It's all good! Swap out the .mp3 files in the plugin's data folder (e.g. in Windows, obs-studio/data/obs-plugins/SRBeep/) with what ever you like. Just make sure it's a stereo (thanks Dracrius) .mp3 and the names are the same. There is also a silence.mp3 if you don't want a sound and want to keep the OBS logs clean. You can also just delete the .mp3 you don't want to use. Bonus points if you know what the sounds I made are from.

Works with Windows and Linux. The code should be portable to it will probably work on macs too, although I can't test or guarantee it will work. If you get it working on a Mac, let me know.

I provide the built binaries for Windows, both 32bit and 64bit. I also provide built binaries for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS along with the dependencies. Download also includes source code. Shout out to someone on the dev IRC (who's name I forget, it began with R..., I apologise) who helped me out getting this running on Linux.

Drag and drop obs-studio folder into C:\Program Files (or where ever you have obs-studio installed). Merge all files down and you should be good to go.
Delete any .mp3 files you don't want to use or copy and rename silence.mp3

obs (duh)
ffmpeg (you should have this if you have a working obs)
SDL2 (Simple Directmedia Layer, see

I provide binaries for Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS 64bit for the PPA version of OBS
Just run
>make install
and it should install for you in the right places. If it doesn't, you may have to check the paths to FFmpeg, SDL2 and OBS and fix as necessary.

=For others=, compile and install with
>make install
#NOTE# make install may not work. See below.

I've provided a best guess for make install. If your files are set up how I think they will be, put SRBeep-bin into the obs-studio folder, uncomment the bottom section and comment out the install: and clean: bits that aren't commented.

You'll probably have to move the .so.## for ffmpeg into
but obs-studio should throw a warning for each .so.## (one at a time) when it tries to load the module to tell you what they are. They should be in the ffmpeg/lib folder (where ever that may be for you)

Uh, sould work. Probably. Don't have a MAC to test with.
You can try the "For others" bit of LINUX. Let me know if you get it to work!

If you don't want to download and are curious at how bad my coding is, source is over on Git Hub
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  1. OBS 28

    Fixed OBS 28's FFMPEG breaking things. Windows and Ubuntu binaries are included in the download.
  2. FFMPEG API Update

    A 'behind the scenes' update. Changes the FFMPEG API being used to hopefully make the plugin...
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Latest reviews

As below, update to OBS 29.1.1 and now 29.1.2 has disabled the beep again
Not working on windows 10 with the last update v29... Please fix this. Thank you! Best plugins of OBS!!!!
Used to work great, but it seems OBS 28.0 update has made it no longer work, hope it gets an update soon
This is great stuff, easy to install and it's cute to listen to. This allows you to know things are working without a second monitor.
works exactly like intended, play a short beep when recording, and a different beep after recording.
Works like a charm, i was looking for an overlay because my shortcuts were not working properly but this worked for me also.
Capo's review is correct, but the behavior is not the plugin's fault. All audio sources send their data to a single output unless configured differently. I use Voicemeeter to accomplish that (for very similar reasons), and JACK Audio will also do it.

This is how mine is set up:

You need virtual (or hardware) audio inputs and outputs, presented to software as device drivers, to then selectively patch the now separated audio streams into OBS Studio. In the screenshot config, I have operating system default routed through red, games through blue (by in-game config), Teamspeak through green, and mic through purple. They're all audible on speakers/headphones if I want them to be, but you can see in the OBS Studio Settings that OBS never records the operating system default device.

Therefore, this plugin's notification tone doesn't enter the recording, and neither do Windows notifications, music I'm listening to, videos I'm watching, etc.
First beep gets captured by the program, even in game capture mode.
This simple yet almost essential feature would deserve 5 stars and a lot of fame, if only it wouldn't have this main flaw...