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TeamSpeak 3 Plugin

At the request of mihawk90, added the ability to add the prefix and suffix across all TS3 servers the client is connected to. You can now choose to add the prefix/suffix on the focused server or all server but not specific servers.

Added the ability to mute and deafen TS3 across all TS3 servers the client is connected to. You can now choose to mute/deafen on the focused server or all server but not specific servers.

The TeamSpeak 3 Plugin Config has been updated to reflect this.

Doing the above to specific servers (other than the active one) will not ever be added. It is technically possible just not really feasible to implement.

While I was at it, I also fixed the crashes when pressing the "Change Channel" checkbox and "Set Channel" button in the TeamSpeak 3 Plugin Config.
Removed the debug output that I put in for people's names not changing properly as well as some other log file clean up. Probably should have done this with the last update...

Probably fix for the crash caused by opening the plugin config window (under Plugins -> Teamspeak 3 Plugin -> Configure) while in preview/stream/recording and not connected to a TS3 server.
Fixed the issue with the colour randomly changing (it was actually just changing to the reversed colour).

Fixed the issue with name duplication when only showing speakers.

Fixed the issue with the overlay not showing if the "Properties" menu was opened mid preview/stream/recording.
Small update to improve the socket code to prevent de-syncs. Should hopefully fix the "no people in overlay" bug.

Also fixed the "Names to Show" - "Hide Names After" bug where the "Names to Show" box changed to match the "Hide Names After" box. It should no longer do this.
This update should hopefully stop some people getting the 10038, 10053 and 10093 errors. May not fix it for everyone. Thanks to Kevinsillo and Callumpy for testing it.

Should also stop crashes when using a blank suffix/prefix.

Also, updated the Overlay so it can only show people who are speaking. The linger time after speakers stop talking can be set from 0 to 2 seconds. Speaking icon is not shown if the overlay is used in this way.

Up next is probably a large rewrite of the socket code. This may remove some ugly code and workarounds.
Hopefully fixed the plugin not really working over a network connection. It should now do everything it will do locally across a network. The overlay may flicker on occasion. Let me know if it does it a lot.

Also added the ability to put the speaking symbol to the right of a name as requested by Sneaky4oe.
At the request of WolfBane the option to remove yourself from the overlay has been added. It is a check box in the Overlay Config (right click on the Overlay Source and click Properties)

At the request of Nananea the option to change the number of people visible has been added. It has a default value of 10 with a maximum of 128 and minimum of 1. If anyone needs more that 128 people visible in their stream, I feel sorry for your sanity. It's added as a box in the Overlay Config.

The new Overlay Config looks like this:

I have also moved where the prefix/suffix is removed in the code to within the overlay thread (it was outside before). I'm hoping that this will help to reduce the number of people who have the leftover prefix/suffix after streaming but I have no idea if it works to do this. If someone can tell me either way, I'd appreciate it.
Fix for the boxes that appear if streaming when non-ASCII names are present in the channel. Thanks to sneaky4oe for spotting it.
Fix for not being able to use non-ASCII suffixed/prefixes. Previously caused OBS to crash on config save.
Fix for not being able to use non-ASCII channel passwords. Not actually tested this one but I believe it should work. It should at least not cause OBS to crash on config save.

NOTE: There is the off chance that this update may cause OBS to crash when you start to stream if you haven't saved the Teamspeak 3 Config. It shouldn't but you never know.

To remove this chance:
Open the TeamSpeak 3 Plugin Config (Plugins -> TeamSpeak 3 Plugin -> Configure).
Click OK.

It's a result of changing the encoding of the config file. Pressing OK will change the encoding to what it should now be.
At the request of sneaky4oe, the plugin has been updated so that it will add the suffix/prefix, mute and/or deafen and switch channels if TS3 is launched while OBS is streaming.

Also changed some code that I was never happy with but never had an excuse to make nice until now.
Should have fixed OBS crashing if teamspeak is closed while streaming. I tested bother versions for 5 mins of opening and closing teamspeak while streaming and there were no crashes. Hopefully I wasn't just lucky.

Changed it so the overlay will update if teamspeak is launched mid stream.

Changed it so the overlay will go blank if not connected to a teamspeak server.