OBS Python StreamNotifier 3.0

What's New​

Dynamic Fields for Enhanced Customization​

Version 3.0 introduces a groundbreaking feature: Dynamic Fields. With Dynamic Fields, you can now personalize your Discord notifications like never before. Configure up to 10 custom fields, each with its own title and description, to tailor your notifications precisely to your audience's needs. Whether you want to showcase current game information, upcoming events, or community announcements, Dynamic Fields offer unparalleled flexibility and customization options.

Upgrade Instructions​

Ready to elevate your streaming experience with StreamNotifier 3.0? Follow these simple steps to upgrade:

  1. Download the Latest Version: Head over to the StreamNotifier GitHub repository and download the latest release.
  2. Replace Your Current Script: Swap out your existing script with the updated version.
  3. Update OBS Settings: If necessary, adjust your OBS settings to ensure seamless compatibility with the latest version of StreamNotifier.
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2.0 version mit Lite und Full Edition
Lite ohne Fields
Full 2 Fields