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Bring your stream to life with more modern effects! Stream Effects adds several much needed features to OBS Studio, such as real time Blur and 3D Transform. Now you can blur out sources you think may be questionable, add sick 3D effects or recreate the Heroes of the Storm displacement overlay with the Displacement filter. The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless.

Source Mirror (Source)
Source Mirror duplicates the video and optionally also the audio of any source, allowing you to apply filters to either without affecting the original source. It also can rescale the video to fit your target region using any of the obs supported scaling modes. There is no limit on the number of Source Mirrors you create for one source, so go wild!

Blur (Filter)
Blur out any unwanted content with this simple trick! This Filter allows you to apply various kinds of blur to any Source, even directional blur (often called motion blur)!

Warning: Blurring is a non-destructive process, the source image can be restored to some degree. Do not use this to hide sensitive information, like clear-text passwords, bank information or credit card information. You have been warned.

3D Transform (Filter)
A popular request for OBS Studio is now available as a filter for you to use, move, rotate, scale and shear your Source in 3D space at will! Create reflections of your video camera on a floor, table, or place your video camera in a room - the possibilities are endless and you can choose what you want to do! It can even generate mipmaps for the transformed source to reduce aliasing on sharp angles or squished sources, to further improve quality.

Inner/Outer Shadow (SDF) (Filter)
Add a shadow to any Source you wish to have a shadow for, optionally even a shadow in! Doesn't matter what kind of Source, just add this Filter and you're ready to have a Drop Shadow or an Inset Shadow, or even both!

Displacement Mapping (Filter)
Displace the pixels of the Source, in any way you want - create a whirl, zoom in, whatever your input normal map can do will happen with this Filter.

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3D Transformed Chat (No Mip-Mapping)
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Latest updates

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Latest reviews

Does exactly what asked for, straight forward to install with wizard.
Just filters, tweaking. Done :)
I find the source mirror to be incredibly helpful. I make a central source then mirror it to various scenes with different filters applied.
This plugin is a real miracle. However, blur requires a powerful graphics card. In my case, just turning this effect on with the minimum power loads the card for an additional 5 percent, and each further "unit" of blurriness for an additional percent. The rest is just great. Can't wait for new features!
Great news! 0.5.0 drastically reduced the necessary GPU power for Blur and has even further optimizations that should help out. The new modes Box Linear and Guassian Linear almost halve the required GPU time for blurring on any size.
I made a fresh install of Windows 10 today, i saved appdata and obs but the plugin stopped working.

I figured out that you need Virtual C to run this plugin, if you have the same problem google "All in One Runtimes" or download it from ""

You can also Download each version of Virtual C by yourself from Microsoft.
The official Visual C++ 2017 runtime can be downloaded from here: . If you are using Windows 10 and update regularly, you already have it installed by default.
Awesome features! Waiting for upcoming... and thank you!
This is awesome and free. Especially "blur" effect.
Watch this to see more:
Video guide is better than text.

Cool stuff for all vlogers.
Excellent! Except for that the blur effect sometimes doesn't work. Restarting OBS works for me.
Blur Effect is fixed in the next version!
Love this! I've been waiting for something like this in OBS for ages!
I've been using this from patreon for a long time. Users were always windering how did I get such a cool chat effect. Ah, too bad now it's free for all XD