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Stream Effects 0.4.2

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Stream Effects
Bring your stream to life with more modern effects! Stream Effects adds several much needed features to OBS Studio, such as real time Blur and 3D Transform. Now you can blur out sources you think may be questionable, add sick 3D effects or recreate the Heroes of the Storm displacement overlay with the Displacement filter.

New Sources

Source Mirror
With Source Mirror you can mirror any source from any scene to any other scene at any time as well as rescale it in case you need it in a smaller resolution. No need to work around a core limitation in OBS with additional scenes any more!

  • Custom Shaders

New Filters

3D Transform
Enhance your scene overlays with 3D effects! You are no longer restricted to 2D and can enjoy the (almost) full 3D scene experience with this new filter - simply add it to your source, configure it and done!

Screenshots and Videos:

Blur out the sources you think should not be visible clearly on screen with this new filter! Just add it, configure it and you have yourself an easy way to temporarily hide things that shouldn't be clearly visible.

Warning: Do not use this to hide sensitive information! It is a mostly non-destructive process which means viewers can recreate the original media being blurred!

Screenshots and Videos:

Displace everything to anywhere with this filter! It takes a normal map and adjusts the pixel coordinates to match the displaced position, resulting in really cool effects.

Screenshots and Videos:

  • Outline / Stroke Filter
  • Inner & Outer Shadow
  • Inner & Outer Glow
  • Custom Shaders
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Latest reviews

I made a fresh install of Windows 10 today, i saved appdata and obs but the plugin stopped working.

I figured out that you need Virtual C to run this plugin, if you have the same problem google "All in One Runtimes" or download it from ""

You can also Download each version of Virtual C by yourself from Microsoft.
Awesome features! Waiting for upcoming... and thank you!
This is awesome and free. Especially "blur" effect.
Watch this to see more:
Video guide is better than text.

Cool stuff for all vlogers.
Excellent! Except for that the blur effect sometimes doesn't work. Restarting OBS works for me.
Blur Effect is fixed in the next version!
Love this! I've been waiting for something like this in OBS for ages!
I've been using this from patreon for a long time. Users were always windering how did I get such a cool chat effect. Ah, too bad now it's free for all XD