source mirror

  1. XoXFaby

    FreeFX - StreamFX Fork 0.12.0b299

    FreeFX FreeFX is a fork of StreamFX that changes nothing but just provides binaries so you can use it without having to learn how to build it. StreamFX: If you wanna support FreeFX...
  2. U

    No source mirror for 28.1.2?

    Hi, I just upgraded to 28.1.2 and couldn't mirror my camera/game source. I used to create it by right clicking the source in previous obs 26.x. Can anyone help with it? Or are there any plugins that work similarly? Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    OBS Lua Source Visibility Mirror v0.1.1-beta

    This script mirrors the visibility of one source to another source.
  4. Xaymar

    Non-Free StreamFX (for OBS® Studio) 1.0.0b473

    We no longer maintain the resource on the OBS Project forum. Please visit the official Website or Discord for updates.