Source Record

Source Record 0.3.4

As cool as an idea as this is, I've yet to get the replay buffer working. I have installed everything fresh and tried it in brand new scene collections, but no joy as of yet. If I can figure it out, I'll be a happy chap.
I like to use this amazing plugin, but in reality it is limitedly useful, because each grab have a lot of audible "cracks", and this never changes, despite of trying every possible configuration, even in the resetted config. (Meanwhile, the main Recording has no crack at all)

I would suggest:
- To heal this bug.
- to create an option "Record and break", and another "Record (no break)" because it keeps recording while the main recording is on pause... So the duration of the source recorded file is different and this is a big problem, it makes very difficult to edit!
- To create an option "Audio Only" (just to capture the original sound and minimize GPU use and Disk space.
Notice that my OBS has crashed by shutting down OBS after installation of the Plugin.

But the idea of this plugin ist really fantastic, and I encourage the author to make these revisions! thank you a lot for all the other plugins, especially Audio Monitor, my preferred Plugin!

Thank you a lot!
So far I have downloaded it and installed it into the right folder I would like to say over 10 times now. I love the concept and would love to have this work properly for me. But even before I updated my obs version the plugin still wasn't working. If the plugin can be updated to 27.2.4 that would be wonderful. But so far sense I have no way of directly telling if it is (because in the overview it only shows the plugin version and not the version compatibility) I won't be able to use it. If I could have help figuring out why it won't show up, that would be great. If it's just the version compatibility then I will just have to hope the creators can update it soon enough.
It's truly a great idea but a terrible plugin!
For some reason it stops recording in the middle of a session, and it makes for double the work!
Is a great and useful plugin when it works, yet sometimes using source record on my facecam will only have 1 file saved, (expecting the regular recording and facecam source record) and it will sometimes be corrupted.
Still randomly breaks for no apparent reason. Also somehow messes up the active/visibility signal for the entire OBS Studio instance, which makes almost everything stop working correctly.
This seems to work fine if you want to constantly record a single source. Unfortunately, I only wanted this to record gaming clip highlights without my streaming overlays via the replay buffer feature. This was for a possible alternative to Shadowplay. I have tried for 3 days going through every config I can think of, but no matter what I do, I cannot get this feature to work. It will not record the source replay buffer. Regular OBS replay buffer works fine, but the source record replay buffer feature does not ever output anything when I hit the hotkey.
i cannot for the life of me get it to work with replay buffer, ive tried changing the encoders, i verified the settings, ensured replay buffer was enabled, checked settings again, and still nothing. it works if i use replay, but how i record things is mainly highlights and clips. but im at a loss at this point. this seemed like a saving grace to my issues but it seems not :(
OBS 27.2.3
Using this on my "Capture Sources" Scene
Works perfectly fine, and now with the new 0.3 update the Hotkey fuzzle for "Save Replay" is sorted out.

Thanks for this amazing Plugin Exeldro!
This plugin doesnt work with obs version 27.2.1
I have tried pretty much anything and i cant get it to start recording the source that i have chosen
Just the plugin that I need! but i have a problem ...

When i install it, open obs, put the filter on a source, make some tests, check the output, ok, close the obs. When i try to open again, it won't load the scenes, just the basic UI. i can only use this by uninstalling e installing again everytime.

I got a second instance of OBS for my recordings, capturing the screen, this one are still open here without any error. And if i can open with the Second Scene Collection and Second Profile, it opens, load everything, but if change to the First Scene Collection, that have Source Recording in ONE Source, nope, it won't load, not a crash, but it's freezed.
I will use this plugin anyway with the Un/Re install method for now.
Amazing plugin, thanks =)
This is a sorely needed plugin. But problem is that source record videos are sped up and not in sync with the main OBS video recording. So it really makes it kind of useless. I hope this will be addressed soon.
So as Sopel already said, I to like this plugin and I'm experiencing the same issue.
A while back I tested this feature to record multiple sources/scenes until it stopped working.
Anny help?
i really like this plugin, it used to work pretty well, now it isnt, for some reason its recording only the source record scene and anything else, it used to record 2 scenes but now when my pc has been restarted it doesnt work, does someone know why does that happen?
This plugin is good, and was sorely needed in OBS! Although, a few things are left to be ironed out.

-"Save Replay" shortcut resets to blank upon reloading the filter, either by activating/deactivating or due to a restart of OBS.
-If you try to remove the Source Record filter without disabling the buffer record, it crashes OBS.
-Source Record filter settings only update once you have turned the filter on and off.
-Replay buffer length can only be 100 seconds.

I really hope this plugin gets the extra bit of attention it needs to take it all the way to greatness, as it is nearly there!
Freaking amazing! I have dreamt about this for quite a while, only thing i can really say is i would love for the plugins replay buffer to have more time than just 100 seconds, i have a beefy dual pc setup so im not really worried about performance :D
So much potential! Excellent when it works, but been having lots of problems with footage being sped up, and audio not syncing up. To the point where source record is several seconds SHORTER than the original recording. Wondering if a fix will be available soon!
This is great, my only issue remains to be the fact that its really finicky at the start and I still cannot get it to fully work unfortunately.

The concept of recording sources is absolutely amazing for video editors and streamers, it essentially allows for you to have your cake (stream) and eat it to (remove the overlay and use it for videos).

Currently my main issue is that audio recorded is very glitchy and stutters consistently which means that this plugin just isn't personally viable but if you can get this working, it is great.

Best of luck, this is really good when it works.
Amazing plugin 5 stars
The idea behind this is incredible. This tool adds something that's severily lacking in OBS natively. Being able to record specific sources in various ways, enables both features such as dedicated recordings for post editing; or on the fly instant replays.

Unfortunately it is severely broken in a lot of aspects. For example it does not apply settings to your filter once the settings is applied. You have to turn the filter visibiltiy on and off. It also resets hotkeys every time you do that, or restart your OBS.

There's also an issue with it taking longer and longer to save a buffered footage, as your stream goes on - so it'll start with taking a second to save it - and 5 hours is it suddenly takes 22 seconds. (This goes back to 1 second if you hide/show the filter - which then resets your hotkeys).

It's a bit of a mess at the moment. Hopefully it'll improve once the developer finds time to take a look at it. Great idea, but still needs some work.