Source Record

Source Record 0.3.4

This plugin has a little bugs when I use it but the plugin is fine
Fantastic Plugin!! Only missing two key features that would make this a must have for every OBS user wanting this type of functionality. The ability for the recordings to support multi track audio recording as well as the ability for the recordings and the replay buffer clips to be optionally auto remuxed to MP4 when recording in MKV these features would just add that cherry on top to an already incredibly useful plugin.
Just the plugin I want! But the obs can't be opened again if I didn't delete this plugin before I close the obs,
Wonderful, phenomenal, splendid ...what a plugin...
I do lives with more than one camera, and one of the difficulties was saving the images from all cameras which made me record on camera cards. Now everything is easier, with only my regie I control all recordings from all cameras... Exeldro, congratulations.
facing weird issue lately .. not sure if its only with 28.0.1 or all .. didnt test yet ..
when i enable source record eyeball to active it and start recording it stuck .. shows recording but not recording or making any output files .. and when i click stop record it stuck untill i end task totally .. but working well when i turn off source record filter .. any help ?
The Source Record plugin is really awesome. It allows us to record individual scenes or sources.

Exeldro now even added an awesome new feature in Source Record 0.2.0 for us: the ability to locally record and/or remotely stream (via e.g. RTMP) the scenes/sources it is applied to. This opens a completely new world of possibilities where, for instance, presenters of a Zoom/Teams/Jitsi-based online event can be given an OBS Studio "portable" distribution (with Source Record included and pre-configured for them) which allows them to pass-through their webcam (via the OBS Virtual Camera) and AT THE SAME TIME either locally record theirself or be remotely recorded (by the event director). This way they can participate in real-time and in mid-quality, but their camera and screen shares can be still recorded in high quality!
I have done it, I have finally managed to configure the camera separately from the PC, thank you very much!
Using it with multiple cameras, and it's like having the ISO recording feature of BlackMagic ATEM MINI PRO ISO, without any of the limitations or the hefty price tag.
Does what it says on the tin - lets me record multiple inputs at the same time, and I can remix in DaVinci afterwards.
I can probably improve latency etc. with careful use of hardware encoding, but right now it has solved a problem
Thank you!!
I like to use this amazing plugin, but in reality it is limitedly useful, because each grab have a lot of audible "cracks", and this never changes, despite of trying every possible configuration, even in the resetted config. (Meanwhile, the main Recording has no crack at all)

I would suggest:
- To heal this bug.
- to create an option "Record and break", and another "Record (no break)" because it keeps recording while the main recording is on pause... So the duration of the source recorded file is different and this is a big problem, it makes very difficult to edit!
- To create an option "Audio Only" (just to capture the original sound and minimize GPU use and Disk space.
Notice that my OBS has crashed by shutting down OBS after installation of the Plugin.

But the idea of this plugin ist really fantastic, and I encourage the author to make these revisions! thank you a lot for all the other plugins, especially Audio Monitor, my preferred Plugin!

Thank you a lot!
Hello, I have been using this plugin for the better part of a year. It took a bit to get used to and actually get things optimized for the setup i'm running, but it works great. There were some issue at the start with obs crashes and it not recording properly but I've solve the problems. Make sure to not use on game capture, instead use on a group with a set resolution and with the game capture plus whatever other game sources you use. I do the same thing for my camera. This is an excellent way for me to upgrade my videos and how I make them.
Awesome plugin, great work!
Great plugin, I do have an issue with recording a different audio source becoming delayed. Any idea what may cause this?
Amazing plugin! It saved me quite a lot of time
Keep up the good work!
very easy to use and helpful!
THIS is what people have been requesting for AGES! Source Record lets you record a ISO or cleanfeed of your gameplay, webcam, whatever (and multiple at the same time) and even keep it in sync with your full stream!
exeldro this will work with obs 28 with version 0.3.2 of source record
hallo, this is a good plugin. if you guys find any issue like :
1. OBS crashes when close the app after installing this pluing = close the games first then close the OBS (in this case I've using source record in game capture)
2. when you can find hot key to activate replay buffer for source record = make sure to close the OBS, then launch the game, open the OBS and set game capture to capture the game u want to stream or record then close the game first and now the OBS, and launch the game again following OBS, then bind the hotkey for replay buffer of Source record.
3. if u facing encoder overload try to use HEVC encoder in source record to capture and let the H264 for stream.

and that's it. follow my twitch:
Freaking amazing! I have dreamt about this for quite a while, only thing i can really say is i would love for the plugins replay buffer to have more time than just 100 seconds, i have a beefy dual pc setup so im not really worried about performance :D
I know the plugin is not yet at the level that everyone wished (I have reported on the forum a list of issues I found myself), however rating it 5* just for the effort so far and for this being one of the plugins that a lot of streamers / content creators are dying for. Keep up the good work and would be good to knwo what all of us can do to help on top of donating. Example, why OBS itself isn't working directly with you to transform this into a native option?
Thanks! :)