Songify Slim

Free Songify Slim v1.1.0

  • Song History
    • Songify can now keep track of your tracks! There is a new button in the title bar in which you can enable the history. It also creates a "history.shl" file which is basically a XML file that you can open with any editor. The history creates new entries for each day to keep things clean.
  • Support for VLC, foobar2000 and Deezer(web)
    • You can now select VLC, foobar2000 or Deezer in the player selection. (VLC and foobar local, Deezer as web/Chrome like youtube)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the software to crash when the notification was shown, the window closed and the notification forced again
  • Fixed a bug where songs that contain ' " ' wouldn't upload.
  • Removed all text from the titlebar buttons
  • removed all icons in the player selection
  • Added tooltips to all titlebar buttons
  • The online history is just a "naked" table, design comes whenever I feel to do it. But it at least converts to your local timezone
  • Made this version to be 1.1.0 instead of 1.0.10. Else it messes up with the updater.
  • Chrome custom timer
    • You can set your own timer rate. Settings -> System
  • Logs
    • If the software encounters any issues a log file called currentdate.log will be created in the same directory. For example: 05-14-2019.log
  • YouTube (Chrome)
    • Fixed an issue where "- Youtube" would always be at the end
    • If you experience heavy CPU Usage on Chrome is, try increasing the timer rate in the settings.
  • Song-Upload
    • Fixed an issue where the song wouldn't upload after a few successful tries
  • Config
    • Changed the way the config files are written and read. When the software shuts down a hidden config.xml file will be written and on start, the same file will be read. This is so updating becomes more convenient in case the old "just override the exe file" wasn't working properly
  • Added song-info Upload
    • Check Settings -> Output and clickt the button with the little chain to copy the link to the clipboard
    • Works with most chatbots including Nightbot, Streamlabs, Streamelements and Moobot.

  • Examples (replace URL with the URL provided by the software):
    • Nightbot:
      • $(urlfetch URL)
    • Streamlabs:
      • {readapi. URL}
    • Streamelements:
      • ${customapi. URL}
    • Moobot:
      • Response -> URL fetch - Full (plain) response, URL to Fetch -> URL
Fixed an issue where the fetching of the song wouldn't start on app launch.
Whats new:
  • Added support for Youtube (Google Chrome)
    • Only works if Chrome is not minimized
  • Added support for NightBot
    • Link your account in the settings window (just type in your Twitch name and hit link)
  • Added the ability to export and import the config (for example when you do a clean install of windows)
  • Fixed a bug where the app wrote "Spotify Premium -" or "Spotify Free -" in the text file when custom pause is enabled.
  • Changed the default output to include {extra}
  • Changed the way the String gets split in order to have a more reliable way to separate artist and track name.
  • Changed the way the software checks for updates.
  • Added the ability to export and import the config so you don't have to re-do all of the config on every update.
# Added light telemetry which is optional.

## Data which gets transmitted:
● UUID (randomly generate identifier, nothing personalized)
● Current timestamp (to evaluate how frequent the software is used)
● If the software is running or not (this is transmitted on startup / shutdown of the software, no service running in the background!)
● Current software version

## Custom Output:
In the settings window there is a new textbox in which you can set a custom output format.
Format is like this:
Pendulum - Tarantula - Original Mix
`^ {artist}.....^ {title}........^ {extra}`

Kepp in mind that this can and probably will lead to weird text sometimes when the artist or the song has extra dashes (-) in the name!
Added the function to set a custom text when Spotify ist paused.

To do so: Enable it in the settings tab and set the text. Leave the text area blank or put a whitespace " " in there so it will be an emtpy text file.
+ Added 'About' tab, opens with the "about" button in the top row
+ Added Buttons for Donations, Discord and Github
+ Added a list of third party libraries

- Removed the "This is a test" string

* Configured the updater to work properly
* You'll now get a notification if there is an update available
* minor tweaks in the code
Hey guys, I recoded Songify Slim, check it out!