1. T

    Source/Track 2 is out of Synch

    So i have had this problem for a week now. When using multiple tracks, track 2 and on are always out of synch. I completely uninstalled OBS with settings and I still ran into the problem. You can see it below with how it shows up on Premiere Pro
  2. tjxwork

    Bug Report OBS multi-track recording, tracks and pictures are not synchronized

    First of all, I am sorry, my English is very poor. My OBS recorded video, recorded 6 tracks, and had 5 sound sources. The first track mixes 5 sound sources, and the remaining 5 tracks correspond to 5 sound sources. The sound of the first track is half a second earlier than the picture, and the...
  3. O

    Question / Help Is there any way to record each audio source on a different Audio track?

    Yea like the title says i would like to Record each audio source on a single Track like. Music(Spotify) Track 1. Game sound Audio track 2. and mic audio track 3. and Teamspeak/Discord track 4. Is there any way or with a plugin?
  4. J

    Question / Help Audio Track from Capture Card not in Mixer

    I have a recurring issue that I cannot find the cause for. Randomly, or upon a crash (or loss of power to laptop), the Audio track from my capture card (Elgato HD60 S) will become "disabled" in Windows Sound settings under "Playback" and doesn't show in the OBS audio mixer. To be clear, there...
  5. Inzaniity

    Free Songify v1.2.6

    What is Songify? Songify fetches the currently playing song from Spotify, YouTube (Chrome), Nightbot and many more players and saves it to a text file. Just like magic. Features? Gets the currently playing song and saves it as following: Artist - Title (Whitespaces are for a better marquee in...