Scene Collection Manager

Scene Collection Manager 0.1.1

Just what everyone needs.
It just works. Thanks for another essential plugin.
Exeldro the legend. Thanks for making our OBS lives easier.
Where has this been all my life? Great plugin that will hopefully save me from disaster. Would love a quick button to jump to the saved file's location.
Exeldro to the rescue. This is amazing, no longer will I be manually copying scene collection files for backup. Thank and keep up the good work @Exeldro
Finally a comfortable way to backup/secure without copying the whole OBS instance. Thank you very much.
for a person like me that forgets to backup manually, this Is what I've needed for a long while, the only thing that I don't like about this Is that It didn't come sooner.
This is going to save me so many headaches! Thank you Exeldro, once again!