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RNNoise noise remover

This cuts first consonants less often than the included RNNoise method does!
would be way better if it could be manually tuned but still good
Yeah well, unfortunately this is based on magic (machine learning) so there isn't really any way to tune anything, pretty much by design. And I didn't even make the models myself, so that makes it even less possible for me to change anything about it.
In theory it would be possible for someone to try their own models and get them in there, but I haven't implemented a mechanism to supply your own models, and creating a model yourself is perhaps a bit too much work for most people.
It cleans up noise pretty well, but when I apply it to my mic track it causes approx. 1.6-1.7 second delay (it's permanent and doesn't increase or decrease over time) for computer audio track which doesn't even have this effect applied.
Hmm, I didn't get a notification, sorry for the late response. This is definitely not normal. Unfortunately these things can be quite hard to troubleshoot and this is a hobby project I don't have that much time to spend on, so I'm kind of doubtful I can help you resolve this. Sorry!
Works as intended. Nice job!
Great stuff. I've just made a home-made studio light which uses a bench power supply and this noise filter cuts the fan noise perfectly!
Melhor plugin de redução de ruidos , faz milagres ! , Muito obrigado aos criadores o//.